York Smart Home Housing Market

Despite declining transaction volumes and economic or political reasons affecting UK house prices, York residential sales have been performing well. And with the smart home market on the increase too, York remains a perfect place to buy or sell a house with integrated smart home technology.

A Home in York

Homes in York range from new-builds and apartments to well-preserved period townhouses. The heart of the city, with its historic architecture, is steeped in cultural heritage, its famous city walls and cobbled streets leading to its many attractions. Beyond the city, York is surrounded by the beautiful countryside of North Yorkshire with the coast not much further away. York is also extremely close to the Ryedale and Hambleton districts, widely accepted as some of 2019’s best places to live. Buying a smart home in York allows for the combination of history, nature and city life with the latest modern technology.

The rise of smart homes

Technology is no longer an individual entity. It is now becoming more integrated with our homes as we make it more essential to our way of life. It has been reported that 57% of homes in the UK now have some kind of smart home device.

Survey results, carried out by a variety of parties, indicate that households will spend over £10bn on smart devices over the course of 2019. This spend could range from smart speakers such as an Amazon Echo and smart bulbs installed onto a socket, right up to the installation of a fully automated smart home experience. Whilst smart devices for homes are undeniably on the rise, housing in York is proving to be a real contender for fully automated smart homes.

The UK Market

According to Gfk, the UK smart home market was worth £900m in 2017, giving the UK the fastest-growing smart home market in Europe. However, currently less than 1% of all UK homes employ a full smart home automation system. From these figures alone it can be hard to reach the conclusion that smart homes are on the increase.

Whilst it is only 1% at present, various market research also suggests significant growth for smart home installation in the coming years. With increased interest in technology, convenience and smart devices, people are becoming more and more curious about how to push the current limits.

Smart home systems are also working to become less complex and more accessible by everyone. Another reason why its popularity is likely to increase demand.

Adding value to your home

Reportedly, smart home automation features (such as lighting, security cameras and smart thermostats) add an extra 5% to the value of your home due to the benefits they provide. This is likely because, with automation, you are changing the way that people live within the household. You’re adding value to the home which is where that extra percentage comes in.

The average house value in York for 2019 is quoted at £296,692. With smart home installation, this can be increased to at least £311,527. Recently, a smart apartment, voted York’s best residence, was advertised on sale for £389,950. The property was not originally bought as a smart home, meaning the installation took place after the apartment was built and certainly provided a boost to the value of the home.

Smart homes sell faster

Due to their convenience, undeniable benefits and the general wow factor, smart homes in York tend to sell faster than normal York homes, despite their higher asking prices. In addition, paying a higher price could make up for the energy saving capabilities that a smart home offers. Enhanced security means that homeowners can always be aware of and alerted to any disturbances whether present in the home or not.

If you are thinking about buying a smart home in York or would simply like to experience one, our York Showhouse perfectly showcases the possibilities.

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