Try before you buy. Our York showhouse is an award winning smart home, dedicated to demonstrating the capabilities of a luxury smart home. It’s designed to help you decide which features are right for you. At the showhouse you can play around with the smart home controls using the wall panels or mobile device app. 

Explore the security settings, adjust the lighting or fire up the 4K video on screens throughout the house. Every aspect of the smart home is available for you to try out. By the time your visit is over, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without one.


  • Welcome to the award-winning Finite Solutions show house in York. It is the perfect way to uncover the opportunities and conveniences that home technology systems can offer.

    This show house features a dedicated cinema room, a smart home control system, state-of-the-art home entertainment systems, security systems and automated Control4 lighting and blind control. The house gives you the chance to experience all of these features working together under one roof and imagine what life could be like in your own smart home.

  • Smart Home Control System

  • The York smart home has a Control4 processor installed throughout the property. This links the technology throughout the house and comes with a single slick control app for full control. The app can be accessed from touchscreen wall panels or using a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.

    Control 4’s system is able to quickly and simply operate the heating, CCTV, Burglar alarm, TV systems, Music systems, Cinema and lighting throughout the house. You can automate these systems and control them how you wish.

    A centralised AV rack within the home houses all the central systems. This is usually placed in a central, concealed location within the house. This keeps all other rooms free from AV kit clutter and adds to the frictionless feel the smart home system already provides. With the AV rack in one place, we’re able to quickly perform servicing when required.

  • Smart Home Entertainment Systems

  • Experience full 4K ultra HD video throughout all TV screens in the home. With these screens you’re able to independently view Sky Q, Apple TV, Blu-Ray and CCTV in the very best quality. Once you’re done, notice how the screens smoothly disappear into the design of the home. This provides a sleeker, modern appearance, making the room more versatile.

    Sonos music systems run the music around the house and are linked up to different speakers in the ceiling. These speakers vary in quality and you’ll have the chance to listen to your favourite music through each one. This will allow you to judge the appropriate sound quality for your home.

  • Security Systems

  • The showroom also demonstrates the advanced security capabilities of today’s smart homes. The Control 4 system is linked to a Visulint professional CCTV system, which provides high definition day and night recording. The cameras can be viewed from any screen in the house or via your mobile device at any time and anywhere in the world.

    These are linked to a robust perimeter detection system, which alerts us of any intruder before they reach the house, which can demonstrate for you. Both the perimeter detection system and CCTV are linked to the house's internal alarms.

    The system guarantees peace of mind whether inside or away from the home and we invite all visitors to try its features whilst at the showroom.

  • Cinema Room

  • The smart home showroom in York has a bespoke cinema room installed. The room has been completely transformed to demonstrate the work that Finite Solutions can offer. It features tensioned fabric walls with vertical inlaid bronze strips and bespoke hand made sofas. It’s designed with a nod to the relaxed style featured in the Everyman cinema chain.

    The home cinema is equipped with an Epson 4K projector and an 8 foot wide screen, complete with full Atmos surround sound and Paradigm 7.4.2 speakers. With acoustic treatment hidden behind the walls and tiered seating, it is designed to provide the most immersive cinematic experience possible within the home.

  • Lighting and Blinds

  • Modern lighting design complements the bespoke interior of our show house to provide an inviting mood which enhances the architectural features, interior design and art work.

    A Control4 lighting system runs throughout and provides quick simple operation of the lighting in every room via smart engraved keypad switches or the Smart Home Control system app.

    Control4 also operates the integrated electric blinds in selected rooms to adjust the amount of natural light entering the living space.

    Lighting also assists with the security of the home. You can remotely operate the lights whilst away from home or on holiday, to provide the illusion of activity within the house or make sure everything is switched off.