High quality music & crystal clear picture quality in every room

Finite Solutions offer a wide range of options for the distribution of video and music around clients homes allowing us to tailor the quality, the look and flexibility of the system to suit each client’s personal requirements. A smart multi room audio visual system will allow homeowners to enjoy music independently in each room and to watch 4K quality Sky, Netflix and other sources on all TV’s around the house. Everything offers quick and simple operation and all equipment is neatly housed in a central AV rack.

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Multi-room screen

Luxury Entertainment Systems

  • Enjoy All Your Music & Video. In Every Room.

  • Any room or every room, an integrated music distribution system allows you to enjoy your music collection throughout the home (or garden!) at the touch of a button. Easy to operate and flexible for any desired ambiance.

    When combined with a high definition TV system you can select and watch SKY HD, streaming services, CCTV images, DVD and Blu-Ray libraries and digital photographs on every TV in the home. Enjoy simple, intuitive and flexible entertainment in glorious high definition quality.

  • Multi Room Audio

  • From Mozart to Madonna, we all enjoy good music. Music can set the tone for your home, lift your mood, bring back memories and more. With a well designed music distribution system in your home, you take this to the next level by allowing all the members of the family to browse, select and enjoy their own music in every room.

    In conjunction with hard drive storage of your existing music collection, ipod docks, DAB and internet radio intelligent systems will also allow you to listen to internet services like Spotify or Rhapsody for unlimited access to a world full of music. With all of these options available, you’ll be equipped for any occasion.

    Whether you want to play and store music through CDs, iTunes, a hard drive or access it via streaming services, we can install the most appropriate multi room audio system for you that looks and feels the way you want. We’ll work with you on selecting the sound system that meets your expectations in terms of quality, style and budget. Our experts can help you decide on a system that allows you to enjoy all the texture and tempo of a superior, high-quality sound, which could include in-wall and in-ceiling speakers or stylish floor speakers. This can be as part of a standalone audio system or as part of a wider smart home system that incorporates 4K HD video, lighting, security, heating and more.

  • Individual Collections and Party Modes

  • Multi room music systems will allow you to share your collection throughout the house. This means you or the family can choose to listen to music independently in every single room. The family never has to listen to the music being played by another member of the family, if they don’t want to.

    Alternatively when you are entertaining for example, you can simply select party mode which will allow you to play the same music in every room, via the audio distribution system. Even with the multi room audio system playing throughout the house, independent volume control means the games room could be loud and raucous whilst the dining room is quiet and reserved.

    We can also configure the smart home controls allowing you to lock all the control panels other than your own hand held device. This can prevent children or guests selecting different music through the house and turning up the volume too loud!

  • Multi Room UHD Video

  • A multi room UHD video system will provide instant, simple to use access to multiple Sky HD boxes, CCTV, DVD and Blu-Ray libraries, PC’s and games consoles allowing you to watch any source in any room in full 4K ultra high definition to ensure your TV screens display the best quality picture they are capable of.

    An integrated HD video system will locate all major video equipment in a centrally located AV rack and our cabling infrastructure will then distribute these video sources in HD to every TV screen. A unit known as a Matrix switch allows any room to watch any of the central sources independently. For example, the family room can be watching Sky HD box 1, the kitchen watching Sky HD box 2, the cinema room watching a stored blu-ray whilst the childrens bedrooms are watching different stored DVD’s in their rooms.

    An intelligent, easy to use remote control in each room will then make selecting what you would like to watch incredibly simple via the press of a button. Our system will make the necessary changes and your selected Sky box or CCTV etc will instantly appear on the TV screen ready for you to choose which channel you want to watch.


  • The multi room audio and visual equipment we work with is designed to be seamlessly elegant and easy to use. The audio and video source equipment are only installed once and the distribution system does the rest, without any clutter at home. The multi room distribution processor will execute the necessary commands behind the scenes to manage both the sources and the reception devices (such as projectors, TVs or speakers). When we perform the installation, we’ll ensure that everything is compatible with each other.

    All of the equipment is stored and hidden away in racks, as with other smart home equipment, leaving you to focus on enjoying your multi room experiences.

  • Kaleidescape Bluray and DVD Server

  • As part of a multi room video system, you may wish to store your DVD/Blu-ray and music collection on a centralised home system. This would allow you to browse your collection via the TV screen in any room and watch different movies simultaneously in any room. There’s only one system that will deliver this ease of use, reliability and performance that you require and that’s the Kaleidescape system.

    A myriad of these types of devices are available but after years of testing units, only Kaleidescape gives the multi room experience we are happy to recommend to our clients. Other systems are simply too unreliable and require too much technical maintenance. However, with Kaleidescape, loading a film is as simple as putting the disc in the tray and pressing play – everything else is done automatically.

    We are more than happy to demonstrate this superb system to you at one of our showhouses so you can see for yourself exactly why we love and support the product so strongly.


  • As with a smart home system, when it comes to multi room distribution, you can choose which interface you prefer. A physical remote can be set up and used to bring all your entertainment control together in one. Alternatively, you can use an app on your mobile phone or through the smart home system in-wall or tabletop touch screens.

    Why not go hands-free and integrate your audio visual system with a smart assistant or motion sensor? With today’s intelligent technology you can easily link Amazon Echo and Google Home to the wider smart home system to control your audio and video via voice commands. Motion detectors can be used to automatically turn the entertainment on when you enter a new designated zone, effectively following you around the house.

    Whichever way you decide to control the system, it’s deliberately intended to be as easy and as quick as possible.

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The benefits of smart home systems are ever expanding, thanks to increasing number of technologies every day that aim at making life at home easier. Witnessing a real life smart home can help you experience the wonderful world of easier living at home and see the fantastic benefits of smart home automation in person.

Our state-of-the-art showroom facilities in London and Leeds offer a great environment to play around with a smart home, ask questions and uncover the opportunities of home technology systems.

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Consultancy and Demonstration

Discussion of your requirements for a systems flexibility, discretion and quality per room will be accompanied by in house demonstration of numerous system options best suited to your needs so you can select the ideal speaker and TV systems to suite you budget and interior design.

Design and installation

All systems are designed in house and detailed documentation ensures the correct installation of all cabling and equipment followed by bespoke commissioning which allows the system to perform to your requirements.

Integration with smart home control systems

Our audio and video systems can be used stand alone with smart apps and standard remote controls but most systems are typically integrated in to a wider smart control system so only a single app or controller can operate all systems in your home making operation as simple as possible.


Finite Solutions offers the most extensive service options to cover any problems with your system after installation to ensure your system is always performing optimally.