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Revolutionary Smart home installation

Living in a smart home provides many practical and functional advances plus limitless home entertainment to homeowners and families.

As an expert of innovation, Finite Solutions is able to combine the different smart home elements from a range of the best manufacturers and brands in smart home technology and professionally install them into your home with minimal disruption. With our experience and industry insights, we are able to deliver the best living experience possible.

When complete, you can expect a seamless experience that encompasses all the features of modern, state-of-the-art smart home. With home automation, you have the ability to control your home in the palm of your hand and revolutionise the way you live with a more enjoyable and convenient lifestyle.

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Smart Heating Control

incredible smart home features

Click below to get inspired by just a few of the features we have installed in our smart homes, to see what is possible for your own project

  • Smart blinds and lighting control

  • Accentuate the architecture and interior design of your home with the right lighting at the right time.

    With a professionally installed smart home, you can control and automate your blinds during the day to make the most of the natural light. At night, automated lighting and smart bulbs give you full control over which lighting scenes and combinations you want to bring to life, with options to preset and schedule. Lights can also be programmed to automatically turn on as you approach the house, so you never have to enter the house in the dark.

    Another great advantage to smart blinds and lighting control is the energy saving benefits, maximising daylight and easily turning all lights off when you leave a room.

  • Hidden swivelling tv screen

  • Make better use of your space with features such as a hidden swiveling TV screen. This feature saves space when the TV is not being used and brings it center stage, positioned however you like it. When not in use, the TV can be hidden for improved security.


  • Provide incredible entertainment throughout the home. Simply by using compatible smart home devices such as your smartphone, tablet or touch screen wall devices you can control your music from a central point within the house.


  • With a smart thermostat, heating can be better controlled and automated to help you save on your heating bill. It can be activated or deactivated remotely and certain installations allow for multi-zone heating, heating only the rooms that you specify.


  • Greater connectivity means a greater home security system. Our smart home systems mean you are able to remotely control smart locks, view CCTV security cameras and video doorbells, plus receive mobile app notifications when motion is detected in the home by intruder sensors.

    In addition, the system can even be used to operate features such as lighting and blinds which increase security by creating the illusion that someone is at home.


  • Along with security, smart technology installation can enhance the safety of your home. The system can notify you anywhere in the world when there is a fire, so that swift action can be taken. In the unfortunate event of a fire whilst you are at home, the smart system can activate pathway lighting to guide you and your family to safety.

    The system can also be configured to limit unsuitable websites and limit children’s Wi-Fi access through separate Wi-Fi keys.

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No! Finite Solutions are able to install many smart home technologies with as little disruption to you as possible whilst working with your home’s unique layout.

However, the best smart home systems are those that are hard wired. These systems are the most reliable, discreet and high performing solutions.

As a result, the ideal time to have a smart home system fitted is during a home renovation or as part of a new build. This ensures the system seamlessly blends in with your home and won’t disrupt your decor.

how long do our smart home installations take?

The length of installation depends on the size of your house and the type of system you would like to be integrated. Problems frequently arise because of rushed installations which is why we take the time and care to ensure the systems are installed properly and work perfectly.

A smart home system made up of several rooms of smart lighting, smart heating control, multi room music, home network, media room surround sound system and electric gates would take approximately 3-4 weeks to complete onsite after cabling is installed and teh property is decorated. A completely automated large bespoke smart home however could take several months to complete.

what specification technology do you install?

As we’re not tied to specific manufacturers, we only choose the best technology to work for you and your home. We ensure each element of your system is high quality, robust, integrates well, and is within your budget.

We only use the highest quality, most trusted brands in our smart home systems. The audio brands in our smart home installations include Sonos, Arcam, Bowers & Wilkins, Sonance and Artcoustic. When it comes to television brands we use only the best household names including Wyrestorm, Sky, Apple and Sony.

Our bespoke control systems are powered by Creston, URC, and Control4. The home network is provided by Draytek, Cisco, and Ruckus. And finally, all of the smart home equipments are housed and stored in professional AV racks from Middle Atlantic.

will it work with my current system?

Yes, our smart home technology can be professionally installed to work seamlessly with your existing smart home system, should you wish to expand on what is already installed.

Whilst it is normally best for us to install everything during a renovation or a new build, it is certainly possible for us to combine our systems with the ones you are using currently. We first need to carry out a detailed survey on the house to determine if the two systems will integrate effectively.

If they are both compatible and can be integrated, then we will set out creating a smart home system that you’ll love.

What brands do you use?

We use the highest quality, most trusted brands in our smart home systems.

Audio brands include Sonos, Arcam, Bowers & Wilkins, Sonance, Rotel and Artcoustic.

When it comes to television brands we use only the best household names including Wyrestorm, Sky, and Sony.

Our control systems are powered by Creston, URC, and Control4.

The home network is provided by Draytek, Cisco, and Ruckus.

Lighting control is via Lutron or Control4

And finally, our central equipment racking and management comes from Middle Atlantic.

an award winning performance

We take pride in the tremendous creativity, quality and functionality we provide in our smart home and home cinema installations. Many of our projects have won awards and recognition by the industries leading trade bodies.

bespoke in every detail

Our tailored solutions offer you a wide range of options to choose from. With bespoke control,lighting, security, sound and AV options; you will get exactly what you want.

turnkey and hassle free

Unlike other AV companies, we offer complete home solutions from scratch, thanks to the extensive portfolio of professionals we work with. Let us worry about logistics, you enjoy your smart home or home cinema system.

Great support and aftercare

Finite Solutions offers the most extensive service options to cover any problems with your system during and after installation from our UK-wide offices in London, Leeds, York and Cheshire.