Smart home security technology can bring a valuable extra dimension of security to your home by combining conventional security systems and the latest smart systems, which talk to each other. As a result, you receive a drastically improved security far greater than the sum of its component parts.

A smart home security installation will typically integrate a conventional burglar alarm, lighting control system, gate and door entry systems, external garden security sensors and the TV systems in the house. Through this level of integration, the smart home knows when you are at home or away. It adjusts lighting, shading and energy use settings automatically and alerts you of intruders on the grounds. This proactively allows you to move to a safe area or alert the police before anyone breaks into the house.

Whichever security features you choose, we believe in giving you the best solution for your situation and therefore maximum peace of mind, whether you are at home or away. We can provide comprehensive security solutions independently or in conjunction with your other security contractors.

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CCTV Control Panel

Leading Home Security Systems

  • Advanced perimeter detection early warning security systems

  • Our perimeter detection system provides early warning of intruders on the grounds. By alerting you with sounders and a pop-up display of CCTV footage on your TV screens around the house, you can move to a safe area before someone breaks in.

    When away from home, the system will send you text and email alerts and control lighting around the house, reactive to the intruder detection to give the impression you are at home.

  • Advanced CCTV Systems

  • Weather-resistant CCTV systems comprising of discrete external and internal cameras and a DVR, or hard drive recording system, will provide round-the-clock monitoring of your home, inside or out. This allows you to check the safety of your property and grounds from any TV screen in the house or via your smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world.

    Looking at CCTV systems in their most basic form, the very presence of cameras act as a deterrent letting any would-be intruder aware they are being watched and recorded, with the intention they will simply move on. With new two-way audio functionality in modern systems, you can go one step further and speak to them via one of the cameras, letting them know they’re under surveillance.

  • Secure, Simple To Use Gate and Door Control

  • Simple to use systems that allow you to speak to visitors at your entrance gates or front door and open them at the touch of a button.

    Traditionally these gate controls include an ugly white box on the wall which is seldom a desirable, attractive or a very functional proposition. Our solutions will allow you to speak to and open your entrance gates throughout the house from a variety of easy to use, stylish controllers.

    You’ll benefit from an intelligent telephone system throughout the house, which simultaneously shows CCTV images on all TV screens as you talk. Integrated in-wall touch screens can operate your gates, show CCTV images and provide simple to use control over your music and TV systems. Whether you are in the house or garden, you’ll never miss a visitor again!

  • Secure Remote Access

  • From time to time, should a visitor arrive at your home when you are not in the house, our smart systems will allow you to use your smartphone to look at the CCTV to check who is there, open the gate with a simple press on the screen and even open the front door to let them into the house.

    With a bespoke Crestron App and Control4 App you’ll have complete control over the heating, gate entry, lighting, music and TV systems all from your smartphone from anywhere in the world as long as you have Wi-Fi or mobile data!


  • If required, alarm systems can be integrated with fire or flood detection technology. The smart home system can alert you when a fire is detected for example and guide you to the nearest and safest exit.


  • Whilst you want certain features of your security system to be noticed as a deterrent, other aspects of your security system shouldn’t be an eye-sore. Part of our expertise lies in making sure the technology installed complements the interior design of your home.


  • Having peace of mind is vital to the enjoyment of your home. If you’ve got a full smart home security solution comprising of gate and door entry control, CCTV, motion detector and sensors, you and your family are much more likely to feel at ease. A home that is truly security-conscious will also integrate smart home lighting, audio and visual for a more comprehensive solution.

    With a system that works together in unison but is easy to use, you’ll be equipped with confidence and empowerment should a security breach occur.

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How much does smart home security cost?

It all depends on the features and scale of your smart home security project. And every project is unique! If you’re looking for the latest state-of-the-art security systems including two-way audio CCTV, long-range detection and glass-break detection you’ll likely have a larger budget than a small home that requires a handful of CCTV camera linked to the smart home system. 

Speak with one of our experts to get a better idea of the costs for your unique project.

Will it work with other smart home features?

Our smart home security systems are intended to work together with other smart home elements such as lighting and audiovisual equipment. They work to complement each other, such as activating the lights to give the illusion you are at home or interrupting your entertainment when a sensor is triggered so you can investigate.

Can different brands work together?

We mainly work with Control4 and Crestron smart home systems which already allow for a wide range of devices including lighting, entertainment and security. These smart home systems are very popular with smart homeowners because of their compatibility with thousands of different brands and devices.

How can I prevent false alarms?

Whilst a powerful security system will be a valuable asset to your home, you might be concerned about false alarms. These can be prevented in a number of ways. For example, you can choose to have pet-immune motion sensors installed by us that will only detect larger objects i.e. people. Having a system that is wired to the mains, rather than relying on battery power will mean there’s less chance of alarms being triggered due to low battery.

How long will the smart home security installation take?

The installation could take anything from a few weeks to a few months depending on the size of the home and what is actually being installed. If you’re having a wired installation, then this needs to be appropriately accounted for in our work.

Problems frequently arise because of rushed installations which is why we take the time and care to ensure the systems are installed properly and work perfectly.


We’ll listen to your requirements and concerns, give you advice on system options and present a solution just for you. Experience first hand the various levels of security integration available with an in-house demonstration which will allow you to select the system type and level most appropriate for your needs.


Detailed in house design work to ensure your security installation is perfectly integrated with your homes architecture, the interior design and with the other systems in your home. To ensure the installation is carried out seamlessly, you’ll also get a dedicated in-house project manager.


Full installation of your security hardware and in house commissioning. Testing and programming of all systems including CCTV, internal and external alarms, door and gate entry and all smart and audiovisual systems. Integration and programming into the wider smart home control system.


Finite Solutions provide extensive service options to cover any problems with your system before, during and after installation and provide proactive maintenance to ensure your system is always performing optimally.