Wondering what it’s like to live in a fully automated smart home? Wonder no more. Our Leeds showroom showcases all the technology and features you can expect to find in a modern smart home.

From automated lighting and heating to hidden cinema rooms, it’s your opportunity to experience the true capabilities of today’s technology for yourself. A smart home is all about improving your home living experience. So come in, make yourself at home and imagine what life could be like.

What You Can Expect to See

  • Lounge Media Room

  • Our Leeds showroom demonstrates a perfect blend cutting edge technology with classic styling. Feel the change in atmosphere as the Lutron lighting and blind control adjusts automatically within the fantastic 8m x 6m period lounge room. A 75" 4K UHD TV screen is accompanied by a high-quality Artcoustic surround sound system, disguised as modern artwork on the walls. A great example of how you can combine technology and design. The TV and speakers are fed by a 4K centralised video distribution and a Meridian high end dedicated stereo music system. The room features Crestron and URC control systems controlling the rooms lighting, blinds, heating, music and TV systems.

  • Hidden Cinema Room

  • Our Hidden cinema room showcases how smart home technology can be invisibly integrated in our clients homes. This room is set out like a formal lounge with no technology on display. When activated by a touch of a button on the iPad, the upholstered wall panels slide apart to reveal a hidden TV screen. Speakers in the ceiling angle down towards the listener for perfect sound. With the power of home automation, you can simply press the movie button to close the blinds, dim the lights and lower the projector and screen from the ceiling. Try it yourself and see an immersive big-screen movie experience.

  • Dedicated Cinema Room

  • Our dedicated reference cinema room showcases a turnkey overhaul of a once damp cellar into an incredible custom designed cinema with a bespoke fabric-lined interior which conceals the acoustic treatments and lighting effects and also allows for hidden popcorn and whiskey cupboards behind sliding wall panels. The technology is also of the highest quality with Cinecca dedicated cinema seating, immersive Dolby Atmos 7.4.4 surround sound via B&W speakers and Arcam amplification, 4k Laser projection and a Kaleidescape 4k movie server. This room demonstrates the level of custom design and audiovisual performance which can be achieved with a larger budget and a dedicated room.

  • Integrated Smart Technology

  • The Leeds smart home show house features numerous control systems from Crestron, Control4 and URC. This allows you to see the differences in capability, ease of use and overall functionality. After experimenting with the smart home systems yourself, you can make a more informed assessment on the requirements of your project and the most suitable solution.

    The house features integrated lighting, heating, air conditioning, blinds, CCTV, gate entry, burglar alarm, external security and TV and music systems. All of these features can be controlled with tablets, smartphones or in-wall touch screens.

  • Audio Visual Systems

  • Multiroom music systems have been installed in the Leeds showroom. There is technology from Sonos, Nuvo and Meridian so that you can experience all three in each of the rooms of the home. These speakers are also located in various positions, for example, in the ceiling, disguised as artwork or as stand-alone speakers. This helps you to assess which devices are required for your own smart home project and also how you want them to fit with the design of your home. Each speaker system has varying levels of quality and price points, so we recommend experimenting with all of them during your visit to the showroom.

    You’ll also find a full 4K TV distribution system within the property, which distributes Sky TV, CCTV and Apple TV to every room.

  • Advanced Security

  • Security is a vital part of any smart home and the show house allows you to experience numerous levels of security. You can test the CCTV system, gate entry, burglar alarm integration and our bespoke perimeter garden security solution. With a smart home system installed, you are able to manage the various elements of your advanced security in one unified solution. By simply using the app on the device of your choice, you can get an overview of the home's security capabilities and understand its advantages.

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Experiencing our technology is much more effective in person. We invite anyone who is interested in luxury smart homes to come and take a look for themselves. To see the Leeds Showroom in action, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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