20 Best Home Cinema Room Projects

Home Cinema Room

When it comes to choosing a home cinema room, you sometimes need a little inspiration. Below is our personal top 20 selection of home cinema projects to give you a flavour of the possibilities for your own home.

Show House Basement Home Cinema Room


Acting as our Show House Cinema, this cinema room acts as inspiration for many of our clients. It showcases the capabilities of both technology and design within a simple basement.

This thrilling room is capable of delivering phenomenal cinematic experiences due to its state-of-the-art audio and visual systems. B&W 800 series diamond in-wall speakers with Arcam processing with Rotel amplification in a 7.4.4 Atmos configuration give an immersive audio experience alongside custom made infinite baffle 18″ subwoofers which allow for a bass like no other system.

A JVC 4K native projector projects Kaleidescape’s premium 4K movie server, Sky Q, Apple TV and games consoles onto a Screen Research anamorphic super-wide projection screen. All of the equipment is linked to a Crestron smart home system which also controls lighting and air conditioning.

The basement cinema is just as inspiring when it comes to the design. With dimmable and programmable lighting above comfortable, tiered seating, it really delivers a commercial cinema experience at home.

Communal Apartment Cinema

Communal Apartment Cinema Room

We were approached by a major construction company developing student accommodation to provide a dedicated and communal cinema room.

This cinema for a student hall of residence offers a dark and moody atmosphere but with a hint of funky. The acoustically-treated feature wall upholstery matches the seating perfectly to deliver a cohesive design.

The cinema has electronics from Yamaha and Epson with Kef speakers and a Screen Research screen. All of these are robust equipment given that the cinema room is a communal one. This protects everything against mis-use.

The cinema is designed to be easy to use with inexpensive and replaceable remote controls, with the reception desk having access to the wider Control4 system for greater control.

Star Wars Home Cinema Room

Star Wars Cinema

There’s no better place to watch Star Wars than in a cinema. For this home cinema project, the client wanted to take it a step further and create an interior theme around the films themselves, using the extension to the home.

The walls have staggered black and grey panelling with Star Wars movie posters around the room. The ceiling is designed to show a starscape to add to that iconic Star Wars feel of being in a galaxy far far away.

The cinema has Anthem audio processing with B&W 7 series in-wall speakers. To really pack a punch, subwoofers in a 7.2.4 configuration are also installed, which delivers the booming soundscape you’d expect from a cinema. A JVC N7 projector is concealed in the ceiling and provides a clear picture that can be seen regardless of whether the Lutron black-out blinds are drawn.

We also added soundproofing treatment due the property’s location and staging to ensure everyone in the home cinema has the same visibility when watching movies, TV or gaming.

30-day Transformation Cinema

In 30 days we were able to transform a children’s playroom into a relaxing and comfortable cinema room.

This home cinema uses an Epson 9400 4K HDR projector that projects onto an acoustically transparent 1.1 gain projector screen. This allows for a colourful and bright image regardless of whether or not the curtains were open or the lights were on.

The cinema has a B&W 600 Series in-wall and in ceiling speakers with B&W subwoofers located behind the sofa. Along with a Yamaha AVR to provide Dolby Atmos 5.2.2, the sound equipment was ideal for the room’s size and layout. When in use, the sound performance is excellent, especially considering the budget.

As the home cinema is in what was a playroom, space was limited, however we were still able to add a comfortable and spacious sofa for the family and store an AV shelf in the custom cabinets for ease of access.

The end result is a cosy, comfy and stylish cinema space – a huge change from the playroom it used to be.

Lockdown Home Cinema Room

Lock Down Cinema

Our client had been considering a home cinema for a while but when the lockdown hit in 2020, they saw it as a great opportunity to make time at home more fun. The client was very open regarding the design and style – it just needed to have relaxed seating instead of recliners and comprehensive sound proofing.

This cinema uses an unused outbuilding space which we were able to convert into a cinema room along with a bar, lobby and game machine room, for that added cinema feel.

We created a room within a room to hide the gable roof and skylights as well as to create space for concealment of the equipment. The room was also soundproofed to a high level with acoustic treatment.

When finished, the lockdown cinema room boasted Dolby Atmos 7.2.4 configuration surround sound system utilising B&W 7 series in-wall and ceiling speakers and an Anthem 1120 surround processor. It uses a JVC N7 projector to deliver a  4K HDR image on an acoustically transparent 11 foot wide projection screen. This gives crystal sharp images from Sky Q, Apple TV, a Panasonic Blu-Ray player and the clients games consoles.

3D Tron Cinema

3D “Tron” Cinema in Keighley, Yorkshire

Another themed cinema project, this cinema had to bring the family together in a room that felt completely different to the rest of the home. It also had to deliver a real 3D experience.

The aesthetic of this cinema, especially the lighting, was designed with the film Tron in mind. The light blue and contrasting dark orange colours from the film are translated into the home cinema through lighting strips. While not over-done, the design is certainly reminiscent of our clients favourite film.

The room itself was acoustically isolated and designed for performance as well. After these photographs were taken, we added more soft suede wall panels which were the final touch to the room’s look and acoustic treatment.

Floating Home Cinema Room

Floating Cinema

The floating cinema presented a challenge due to the fact it was in a Grade 2 listed property with ornate cornice mouldings, parquet flooring and window reveals. None of these were allowed to be damaged or removed, so the full room fit out and the AV system were installed in isolation from the room itself.

We had to build staging, a new ceiling and new walls to create a room within a room, so that everything underneath was untouched. This is where the name floating cinema comes from.

The cinema uses a studwork frame filled with acoustic compressed rock wool and Cinematec diffusers. This covers approximately 25% of the rooms surface area, making sure the sound was live and exciting.

A fabric track system was applied directly to the room frame work for a simple, slick look.

In terms of equipment and gadgets, the floating cinema is equipped with an Anthem 1120 AVR and B&W 7 series in-wall and in-ceiling speakers as well as in-wall subwoofers. These all deliver a powerful and detailed Dolby Atomos 7.2.2 immersive audio.

For the visual, the cinema is capable of 4K imagery from Sky Q, Apple TV and Xbox thanks to a Sony 570 projector and a Projecta acoustically transparent 4m wide 16:9 screen. This particular screen is great for a mix of movies, TV and games consoles.

The cherry on top is the connectivity with Lutron lighting and a Control4 smart home system.

The Holiday Home Cinema Room

Holiday Home Cinema

This state of the art cinema is a conversion of a basement in a holiday home by the sea that seats 12 people. It’s complete with full acoustic treatment, fabric walls, two rows of bespoke, tiered seating and a full-length custom cabinet, which houses the AV equipment.

The equipment itself includes a Dolby Atmos 7.4.2 surround sound system to deliver an impressive cinematic performance. This is linked to Sonance reference 2 in-wall and in-ceiling speakers with subwoofers.

A Sony 760 laser 4K projector projects on to an acoustically transparent screen with 2.35:1 aspect ratio.

This fabulous, high-quality room, fully equipped with the latest technology and hidden from view, was completed in just 3 months.

Family Fun Home Cinema Room

Family Fun

This home cinema project is more of an entertainment room, as it also includes other elements to it. It is designed for the whole family or a group of friends to enjoy movies, sporting events as well as provide wider entertainment and fun for children of all ages to enjoy.

The room itself has walls lined with fabric and acoustic treatments. A space in the fabric walls allows for a hidden snack bar area that has a fridge, popcorn machine and sweets, along with all the equipment needed for the room.

The Epson 400 4K cinema projector was housed above the pool table. This housing doubled up as a lighting feature for pool games. The projector is capable of displaying Apple TV, Sky Q, Blu-ray and PS4 on a Projecta 20ft wide acoustically transparent screen, which can be hidden with sliding panels when not in use. Even with the room’s blinds open, the picture is still clear and crisp and can be connected to a laptop for video conferencing, if needed.

The sound is delivered by Dolby Atmos 7.4.2 via a Yamaha integrated receiver and Sonance reference in-wall and ceiling speakers and subwoofers. These work exceptionally well within the space and deliver powerful sound.

Given the size of the room and it’s different potential uses, lighting was key. A Lutron Graffic Eye system with a bronze engraved keypad not only matches the interior design but provides complete control over all 6 lighting circuits. The blinds, lighting and entertainment can all be centrally controlled by all the family using a Control4 smart remote.

Reference Quality Family Media Room

Reference Quality Family Media Room

Another media room, this project took place during a refurbishment of a grand London townhouse and is intended for movies, games, music, sports and TV.

Working alongside the interior designer, the lighting and wall panelling were designed to complement the look and feel of the room whilst delivering the best experience possible.

Most of the budget was invested in delivering a high quality audiovisual experience. It includes Wisdom speakers and a subwoofer built into the wall behind the 11ft wide projector screen and upholstery panels. The audio system delivers 7.2.2 Dolby Atmos specification with Arcam amplification. A Sony 4K laser projector is mounted on a drop pole from the ceiling.

The cinematic experience is enhanced even more with its excellent Lutron lighting and blinds connected to a Control4 smart system, which also controls HVAC and the audiovisual systems.

Cedia Award-Winner 2014

What Lies Beneath

This warm and comfortable home cinema is part of a basement refurbishment that presents a nice clean look. The London cinema room boasts neutral upholstery and walnut wood for an inviting and warm appearance, suitable for all the family to enjoy movies, TV and sporting events.

All of the equipment is out of sight when not in use, including the Screen Research screen. The B&W speakers were installed behind upholstered walls and the JVC projector was incorporated as part of the joinery.

This particular cinema won Best Home Cinema (£40,000 to £100,000) at the CEDIA Awards in 2014.

Turn-Key Media Room in Yorkshire

Bespoke Turn Key Solution – Media Room

This Yorkshire media room was originally a lounge area that has now been converted into a media room. It’s capable of day-to-day TV lounging as well as providing a big screen experience.

The design of this room involved lowering the ceiling to create stylish lighting coffers which doubled up as space for curtain tracks, concealed projector screens and projectors. We were able to house the speakers and 75” Sony 4K TV screen within a bespoke cabinet. Another cabinet was made to house the extra equipment, including the AV rack.

This home cinema and media room features Arcam processing and amplification. It’s connected to a set of B&W 800 series in-wall speakers and subwoofers, so even when it’s not used as a home cinema, it is still capable of delivering a powerful surround sound experience. The visual system is connected to Apple TV, Amazon, Blu-Ray and Sky – all in 4K. The entire system is then connected to Control4 which provides simple and easy operation along with the Lutron lighting.

Reference Quality Home Cinema Room

Reference Quality Home Cinema Room

The owner of this cinema was already used to having homes with cinema rooms. With this cinema however, they wanted a real upgrade in everything from the capacity to the quality of video and sound.

For this cinema, everything including construction, fit out and AV systems were managed by us. This home cinema uses upholstered suede wall panels with acoustic treatments along with contrast electric leather recliners for 12 people. It has illuminated step lighting as well as a starry night fibre optic ceiling for a true cinema experience.

The sound system includes 13 Triad Platinum speakers and 4 Triad Platinum subwoofers in an immensely detailed and powerful 9.4.4 Dolby Atmos configuration. The video is projected from a Barco 4K 3 chip DLP projector in vivid 4K and HDR onto a 4.5m wide anamorphic lateral masking screen.

This large-scale cinema room for 12 all comes together under the Crestron smart home automation app which really adds to the whole experience. With one press of a button, the screen appears, the lights dim and the film starts rolling.

Loft Conversion Cinema

Converted Loft Cinema Room in Yorkshire

This cinema room is a little different from usual. The space used for this home cinema is a loft within a home, so when working on this, we had to pay attention to certain obstacles. Whilst the space used to be 2 rooms, we had to work around the low ceiling along with the roof beams, supporting walls and eves.

The focus of the room is, of course, the 9ft screen on the main wall. The screen is set up for high definition and is compatible with Blu-ray and HD DVD players. The system is also future-proofed so that new systems, including future games consoles, can be connected at a later date.

The rest of the room has a minimalist look and all of the equipment is hidden behind a concealed door. Anthony Gallo Nucleus speakers were used to keep with the minimalist feel but still provide great quality sound. Subwoofers were also hidden behind the seats to provide a real kick to the base.

Lighting is controlled by a Rako system which provides the functionality needed to create the right mood for a cinematic experience.

Bespoke Media/Games Room

Bespoke Media / Games Room

The cinema experience from this project is part of a media and games room in the basement of a new home. It was designed to be multi-functional to appeal to the whole family, which includes a pool table and bar alongside the cinema screen. In this project, we designed lighting and delivered high quality video and sound.

As with most of our projects, we developed 3D models of the work we planned to carry out. The design was then adapted by interior designers to add a backlit wooden surround to the screen and detailed cabinetry.

The cinema setup includes Triad in-wall speakers, a Yamaha surround sound receiver, a JVC 4K projectos and a Screen research projector screen. There’s also a TV over by the bar so that sports or music videos can be viewed whilst sat in that area. The entire room is equipped with a Sonos audio system, linked to a Control4 system, that allows music to be streamed with the touch of a button. Lighting and heating can also be controlled.

With the room having so many different uses, space is important. This is why all of the equipment is housed within racks that are easily accessible in the cabinetry.

U2 Media Room

U2 Media Room

This media room for an avid U2 fan is designed to be multi-functional to allow for not just films but also for sporting events and time with friends and family.

Aside from the U2 posters on the wall, the room has a 9ft drop-down screen by Screen Research in addition to a drop-down Sony projector. The audio system benefits from B&W in-wall and in-ceiling speakers with connected subwoofers and Anthem processing for a powerful surround sound system, perfect for the desired cinematic effect. The whole system is connected to a Control4 home system, along with the lighting and other elements of the home, that allow for quick and easy operation.

Sheffield Games Room

Games Room Home Cinema in Sheffield, Yorkshire

This superb home cinema and games room is a refurbishment of an old games room in an outbuilding of a home in Sheffield. It acts as a light contemporary space for entertainment, music and sports through the day and a jaw dropping high-end cinema experience. It also combines cinema screen and seating with a stylish bar at the back for refreshments.

For day use, when the windows and doors are open, there is a 60” plasma TV. At night or when the blackout blinds are closed, the room can be used as a dedicated cinema thanks to a drop down screen and projector.

The cinema is kitted with high-end specification equipment. Visual equipment includes Runco projection, a 9 foot wide acoustically transparent screen from Screen Research and a Pioneer 60” Kuro plasma screen. For audio there are B&W in-wall and in-ceiling speakers with Arcam FMJ amplifiers and processors. A Philips Pronto touch screen makes all of these gadgets easy to control.

All of the AV equipment was housed in a Middle Atlantic rack and concealed behind a door in the acoustically panelled wall.

Hidden Mini Home Cinema Room

Size Isn’t Everything Home Cinema in London

The best thing about bespoke cinema rooms is that they can be tailored to each individual situation. In this project, the space for the cinema was a rather small, otherwise unusable, basement room measuring 3m x 4m. It was a challenge for sure, but a welcome one. It now acts as a small cosy space for the owner to escape to and enjoy a home cinema experience with the family.

Given the room is a family space including young children, the cinema room favours sound quality over maximum SPL levels. This involved a shallow acoustic treatment across all walls and the ceiling to deliver the required detailed sound quality. The room is coated in suede stretch fabric that helps you feel immersed in the film and shut off from the noise of the outside world.

The cinema uses the latest projector and audiophile grade speakers both linked to the integrated movie server to store the films. The AV equipment is housed in a bespoke cupboard with a drinks cooler.

Castle Cinema Room

Castle Cinema Room in Manchester

This contemporary and comfortable 8 seater cinema was designed to accommodate for both the client and his young children. As a result, it is simple to operate and is able to play sporting events, blu-ray movies and DVDs.

Due to the grand expectations for the room, including enough seats for family and friends and a large screen, the back wall was actually extended to accommodate. Interior designers worked alongside the plans to deliver a detailed and stylish feeling to the cinema.

The cinema room is lined with double thickness acoustically absorbent plasterboard to help soundproof the room. In addition, all unused windows and doors are blocked and sealed. The cinema system uses a Kaleidescape mini system with 1.5TB of storage for movies, meaning that films can easily be selected without needing to bring it from elsewhere in the home. The screen is also linked to a CCTV system which allows you view the exterior of the cinema as well as other areas of the home.

The cinema lighting is controlled by a Rako system with pre-programmed lighting scenes for quick and easy use.

London’s Finest Home Cinema Room

London’s Finest – Cinema Room

This bespoke, luxury home cinema has comfortable seating and is beautifully designed and finished. Due to the fabric wall systems and hidden acoustic treatments, the very high quality sound system is allowed to deliver to its full potential and provide the true suspension of disbelief that all great cinema systems provide. The picture quality is also superb and provides a bright, vibrant and natural image. Everything within the cinema room is designed to be quick and easy to use.

The audio is a 9.4.4 Dolby Atmos surround sound configuration powered by B&W 8 series cinema reference speakers and subwoofers. On the video side of the system, there is a Sony VP-1100ES native 4K HDR projector that plays onto a Screen Research acoustically transparent 9 foot wide masking screen. This is able to be used in conjunction with Apple TV, 4K Blu-Ray and Sky 4K sources.

Lighting is controlled via Lutron. This system runs throughout the whole property and general system control is via a Crestron control system. The cinema along with all the other elements of the home, such as heating and security, can be controlled by any of the owner’s iPhones or iPads.

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