Your London Bespoke Home Cinema Room

London Home Cinema room

Smart Home Automation is becoming ever more popular in high-end homes in the London area making life easier and more enjoyable. The addition of a home cinema installation can be the perfect way to create a luxurious living space to be enjoyed by family and friends and add value to your City property.

Define Your Requirements – what do you want from your home cinema setup?

What makes for a great home cinema installation? There are many aspects you can include in your home cinema. Start by listing the most important factors that are crucial to your idea of a home cinema (this will help later when looking at your budget). This may seem obvious, but if you don’t understand what you want, you may find at the end of the project that you haven’t achieved your goals.


How many people do you want to accommodate in the cinema? If you have a large family or you enjoy hosting regular parties, you may need to look at a larger space. If this is just for your own enjoyment, you may want to keep it small and intimate.

Bespoke Home Cinema Seating


Will the room be a dedicated cinema room or will you also be using it for gaming, listening to music etc? If you are looking for a multimedia room then you will likely need to look at more advanced home automation systems. If the room is dual purpose you may be looking for a more discrete set-up where you can hide the equipment behind false walls or the screen can retract into a cabinet or use a drop-down projector screen. Think about these aspects carefully before you start the home cinema installation so you don’t head off down the wrong path and end up with a home cinema system that does not meet your needs.


How much are you willing to spend on the project? The cost of home cinema installations can vary dramatically depending on factors such as size, equipment and finishes. It is important to start with a figure in mind so you don’t put yourself into an uncomfortable financial position later on.


If you are going to have your own cinema you want the interior design to reflect you. Do you want a classic cinema feel with vintage chairs and plush carpets or do you want something more modern? Consider the overall style of your home when devising a theme for your cinema space.

Bespoke Cinema Seating

There are so many types of seating available; electric recliners, traditional cinema seating and sectional sofas that can be customised to your needs. Think about the level of comfort you would like to achieve in your cinema room and decide on a style that suits the theme of your space. Remember recliners will need more space than sofas so you will need to factor that into the plan.

If you are fortunate enough to have a high ceiling you can also consider raked seating for a real cinema experience giving everyone a clear view of the screen and improved acoustics.

Home Cinema Seating

Smart Home Lighting

Think about the ambient lighting you would like in your home cinema room. Smaller rooms require more light, but you need to be able to control it easily so that it does not interfere with the picture or sound quality of your screening. Consider how much natural light comes into the room and if you will need a blackout blind


Your room will need to be acoustically treated with soundproofing and acoustic panels. This can add a significant cost to the home cinema project but is essential for good sound quality. It also helps stop the rest of the house from being disturbed by the sound.

Audio Visual

For a fully immersive experience, you will need fantastic audio-quality from your sound system and a high-definition projector or TV. There are many options available so it is important to research each brand carefully before making a decision. Dolby Atmos is also a popular choice for home cinema systems as it adds height to the sound, gives a 3D experience, and brings a more immersive experience.

Designing Your London Home Cinema

Here at Finite London, we are experts in home cinema design. Our team will work with your chosen interior designer to provide the right solution for you. Finite has a vast experience in the cinema rooms design process and can create a home cinema system to give the full impact of the cinematic experience in your own home.

We work with clients to understand their needs and build a home cinema design around their bespoke requirements. From the budget, working with interior designers to establish the design, to choosing the seating and technology for your cinema system, right through to installation, Finite will manage the project to ensure you get the maximum performance from all aspects of your home cinema system.

Home Cinema Installation

If you’re looking for a luxurious home cinema experience, there’s no better way to go than bespoke. If you are looking for an award winning home cinema designer in the London area, there’s no better company than Finite Solutions.

Here at Finite we know a thing or two about how to design home cinemas for the uk market. Whether you want to watch the latest blockbuster in style or relax with your favourite film, our award winning team can create a tailor-made home theatre and cinema just for you.

With our state-of-the-art equipment and expert team, we’ll ensure that you have an unforgettable viewing experience. With decades of experience in cinema installation we can design and install your bespoke home cinema with minimal disruption to your life. Have a look at some of our past clients home cinema installation in our portfolio So why not get in touch today and let us turn your vision into reality?

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