Smart Technology Tips to Liven Up Your Garden This Summer

As summer emerges at last from what feels like an eternally damp start to the season, why not give your garden a makeover and be the envy of your neighbours! Smart home technologies that revolutionise the way we live indoors are now also completely revamping our garden time.

We reveal some of the latest technologies that can turn your outdoor space into a smart oasis.

Get Connected

Since most of today’s technology requires Wi-Fi control, the first job is to plan your new garden to include outdoor Wi-Fi boosters.  You can place them on almost any surface or discreetly hide to enable more speedy streaming for internet access, playing music, engage security and even water your plants.

What’s more, you don’t need multiple control interfaces to control the benefits of a smart garden. Home automation systems enable the control of your garden as simply as touching a central control unit. Whether it’s a dedicated tablet, your own iPad or your smartphone; control of your smart garden is truly in your hands.

Garden automation through an iPad.

Lighten Up

Don’t underestimate the importance of good outdoor lighting. Much of your entertaining will occur in the evening so use soft lights that create shadows for a more subtle and relaxed feel.  These can also easily link to your security system and flash if an alarm is triggered.

Intelligent lighting control systems such as Lutron provide you with the ultimate function to access all your lighting options in a single spot. You can customise multiple lighting scenes to suit all the different activities you would like to have in your garden. This gives you the greatest convenience of technology in your garden.

Lutron outdoor lighting for the garden.

Entertain with Style

Once your Wif-Fi is up and running, there is a plethora of options for outdoor entertainment. Smart technology now allows you to stream outdoor music through to large, waterproof flat screens that emerge from the ground.

If your budget allows and you dare to dream big, it is possible to custom design your smart garden to give you full control of your pool, Jacuzzi and automated covers for rain protection. And if you are a film buff, getting a bespoke entertainment system outdoors to enjoy high definition cinema on the big screen might be just the thing you need.

Outdoor entertainment systems enable to watch large screen films with comfort and quality.

The Grass Really is Greener

Nature and technology don’t have to exist at odds with each other. In fact, similar smart home tech that automates your thermostat or your garage door can extend outside, helping you make your own corner of nature thrive. Smart garden technology encompasses plant sensors, weather monitors, sprinkler systems and even robot lawn mowers.

Solar-powered Edyn Garden Sensor is an all-capable solar powered garden sensor that helps you become a gardening master. It continuously provides real-time updates on what’s going on down there. Valuable information such as soil conditions, light frequency, moisture levels, and weather information is accessible on the smartphone app, at home and remotely.

Smart home garden technology: Edyn garden sensor.

5th Aug 2016
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