Smart Home Entertainment Systems

Smart home technology gives us plenty of impressive features that save us time, keep us safe and save us money but that doesn’t mean it can’t entertain us as well! Among other smart home features such as security and lighting, smart home technology also allows for the enjoyment of smart home entertainment systems, which take the entertainment you know and love to the next level.

What is a Smart Home Entertainment System?

A smart home entertainment system is simply a set of smart entertainment devices connected to the wider smart home system. When connected to the main smart home hub, you can control all of these devices through your smartphone or smart home app.

This means instead of having to use multiple remotes to control separate devices, they can all be done in a much more streamlined and elegant way. Be that through touch, gesture or voice, the interaction with your entertainment devices will be seamless. These smart devices can even be linked together to create an incredible home cinema experience.

A smart home entertainment system typically consists of devices such as speakers, TVs, projectors, remotes, sound systems and other related gadgets.

How Does a Smart Home Speaker System Work?

Everyone in the family enjoys music, so when it comes to installing a smart home entertainment system, audio is something you’ll need to consider. Smart home speakers are the key to a good smart home entertainment experience that everyone can enjoy. With a speaker system, you’ll be able to play audio throughout the home for a range of different needs.

With speakers installed through the house and enhanced controls, you’ll be able to benefit from multi-room audio. A good home audio system will also allow for hard drive storage of your existing music collections as well as instant access to DAB radio and music streaming services such as Spotify.

Alongside good quality audio throughout the home, smart home entertainment systems can also contain speaker systems such as surround sound designed to bring those exciting cinematic experiences to the home or home cinema room.

What are the Best Smart Home Speaker Systems?

If you want the best entertainment system possible, we don’t recommend neglecting the audio. High-quality audio is just as important for the experience and good visual quality. Here are some of the brands we recommend:


Sonance manufactures an impressive range of different sound systems, including home speaker ranges, surround sound and outdoor speakers. However, their in-wall and in-ceiling speakers are what make Sonance one of the best for smart homes. With three different ranges (Visual Performance, Architectural & Invisible) you can equip your home with high-quality audio whilst blending into the home.

The ceiling speakers are fitted in a way that they don’t extrude down, keeping a low profile. Their bezel-less grille helps to minimize visual distraction and reduce shadow lines. You’re also able to paint them so that they match the colour of the ceiling. With most of the electronics hiding within the ceiling, they’ll hardly be noticeable whilst providing sound around the home. When connected to a smart home system, you’ll be able to pick and choose which speakers or groups of speakers to use at a given time.

If that wasn’t impressive enough, Sonance also manufactures in-wall speakers that can link up to your smart home system. When installed by professionals such as Finite Solutions, there’s no trace of the speaker apart from the sound that is coming from it. Not only does this allow you to make greater use of your space in the home but it also complements the design.


Sonos is a high-quality audio brand with a focus on control. Their speakers are particularly focused on improving the smart home experience but also pack a punch in terms of sound quality.

A sonos system can be controlled wirelessly via a smartphone app that lets you play music stored on your phone or through a streaming service (Sonos supports many of these). The speakers can be grouped up into zones that communicate with each other and allow you to send audio from one speaker to another, meaning you can keep listening wherever you are.

Sonos also offers high-quality soundbars, surround sound and subwoofers that are ideal for a smart home or cinema room.

Benefits to Smart Home Speaker Systems

A smart home speaker system provides many benefits to your home entertainment. With the power to control each speaker through an app, it allows everyone in the family to have control over their own audio, depending on where they are in the home. This same capability will allow you to play the same audio throughout the home if you wish.

By concealing speakers and controlling them wirelessly you can make better use of space and provide a better, cleaner aesthetic to your home. Some high-quality speakers can take up space or require their own remote control. With a smart system, you control the speakers with the same control as the lighting and security.

High-quality audio from brands such as Sonos and Sonance also complement your visual entertainment such as in your home cinema room. With the right sound system, you can achieve that epic cinematic experience.

How does a Smart Home Visual Entertainment System Work?

Whilst we can appreciate great music and audio, it’s even more useful when it can be combined with a good visual system. A smart home visual system works by connecting compatible TVs or projectors to an AV controller which can also be connected with audio. The TVs and other visual entertainment in your home can now all be controlled wirelessly with your selected device and transmitted to other connected screens. Whether that’s having something different playing in each room or switching your entertainment to a new device as you enter a new room, you can say goodbye to all your clunky remotes.

In addition to providing entertainment, these visual devices can also be connected to the security system, enabling you to view CCTV footage.

What are the Best Smart Home Visual Entertainment Systems?


WyreStorm offers a comprehensive product range of audiovisual solutions, including controllers, AV over IP and modular products which are used not only for residential applications but for corporate, hospitality and retail.

Their AV controls allow for matrix switching, video walls and multiview, allowing you to drag, drop and switch video sources very easily. WyreStorm also allows 3rd party control integration, meaning you can use apps that you’re used to. Their AV over IP products also offer options with 4K HD support and zero latency meaning you can quickly switch between high-quality video sources.


AMX has been working in video distribution for over 30 years and claim to provide products for the widest range of solutions including encoders, decoders, audio transceivers, network video recorders, and IP windowing processors, offering a complete solution for any application or price point.

Their main focus is providing larger solutions for businesses and other non-residential projects including education settings such as The University of Sheffield, proving their products to be extremely scalable. However, this does not mean they can’t be used for residential projects.

Some of AMX’s products have the ability to distribute 4K60 4:4:4 with very low latency over a standard gigabit network.

Benefits to Smart Home Visual Entertainment Systems

There are many benefits to a smart home visual system. Most importantly, you have complete control. You’re able to switch from one source to another almost instantaneously (including mobile devices), broadcast throughout the home or control each visual device independently. You can even have multiple sources displaying on the same screen.

A smart home visual entertainment system also allows you to monitor the type of entertainment your kids are watching. Regardless of whether you’re at the office, away from home or in the next room, you don’t have to worry about what the kids are watching in your absence. Simply by checking your phone, you’ll be able to know what they’re watching, playing or browsing.

These visual systems can also be connected to streaming & TV services or hard drive storage to play your favourite shows, films and sports, accessible from anywhere in the home.

How Does a Home Cinema Entertainment System Work?

Home Cinema Systems combine great audio and visual systems with large screens or projectors and comfortable seating. Every home cinema needs some space to work with but this space can be transformed into a smaller version of what you’d expect at a commercial cinema, right down to the tiered seating, VIP sofas, mood lighting and state of the art audiovisual equipment.

Home cinemas can deliver large scale 4K UHD or 4K OLED in the comfort of your own home and be linked to high-quality surround sound systems.

Smart home lighting can also be used to add to the exciting cinematic experience.

What are the best Home Cinema Entertainment systems?

Digital Projection

Digital Projection offers home cinema solutions from compact and lightweight products to larger flagship products. Their projector solutions boast powerful precision at Hollywood level quality. Digital Projection also offers LED and LASER illuminated displays for home cinema solutions. When complemented with their proprietary digital signal processing, the resulting imagery comprises billions or even trillions of colours for an engaging film-like appeal.

Fortress Seating

Whilst not an entertainment system, Fortress Seating provide a wide range of comfortable home cinema seating solutions for maximum enjoyment. Their range of chairs, sofas, loungers and chaises are suitable for both home cinemas and smart home media rooms.

Benefits to Home Cinema Entertainment Systems

A home cinema system gives you the cinematic experience you’re used to without having to leave the comfort of your own home, which gives you some added benefits. No more strangers walking in front of the screen and no need to miss out on the film because of a toilet break. Plus, you can take whatever snacks and drinks you want.

Alongside cinema-quality audio and visual, you can also choose the level of style and comfort for your own cinema. Whether you prefer sofas, armchairs or beanbags, it’s entirely up to you.

The best thing about having your own cinema room is that it can all be operated using the smart home apps. There’s no need to start up the projector or switch out some HDMI cables, this can all be done via the remote as it’s set up upon installation of your smart home.

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