Our Favourite Features for our Smart Home Tech

Having installed some of the most advanced smart home systems in the country for many years our team all have their favourites pieces of equipment and technologies which offer great value for money and work reliably and simply.


Below is a list of some of our favourites:


  • Crestron Smart Home Control Systems

“They just work, when we are using Crestron we don’t have to worry about equipment failing or being unreliable, when it’s programmed and installed properly there isn’t any other smart home system which can touch it. It also makes handover to our clients so simple as the Crestron interface we designed is so easy to use that no training is really required to get families fully utilising all of the system’s capabilities “ – Jay Parmar (Senior Crestron Programmer at Finite Solutions Leeds)


  • Lutron Lighting Control Systems

“The best quality smart keypads on the market with the most robust, reliable hardware (with up to a lifetime warranty!) and the most advanced integration with the wider smart home system – simply no other system comes close to Lutron in residential lighting control” – Simon Mathieson (Finite Solutions Consultancy Director)


  • Nest Heating and Smoke alarm Systems

“Nest is great, its simple to install and set up and it delivers on its promise. We install it stand alone and also integrate it into some of the largest systems we install and in both cases, it just works and gives our clients peace of mind” – Adam Dent (Design Consultant at Finite Solutions York)


  • Garden Intruder Detection Systems

“Our garden/exterior detection systems are really a feather in our cap, we developed all of the code and interface to Crestron in-house and have refined its capabilities over the years to the point we now install it into most larger systems very cost-effectively. Clients love it as it’s simple to understand and operate, makes the most of all of the other security and smart home equipment they have and provides tremendous peace of mind” – (Matt Wayne – Senior Consultant at Finite Solutions Leeds)


  • Control4 Smart Home Systems

“If Crestron is over budget or you are looking for a less comprehensive smart home solution in a smaller property and you understand the compromises then Control4 is a great alternative. It works reliably, offers solid functionality and integration with most other systems provides a wonderful entry point to smart home technology” – Joe Gormley (Design Consultant at Finite Solutions London)


  • Meridian Speakers

“Its got to be Meridian, no other speaker we have used delivers the clarity, power and emersion in music or movies like Meridian. It’s a relatively new addition to our supplier list but it really blows people away and I can see us using a lot more of their speakers in the future. Just awesome” – Phil Cotton – Managing Director at Finite Solutions London)


  • Ruckus WiFi

“The best WIFI system around, it might be little more expensive than others but it’s worth every penny as nothing else delivers faster stronger WIFI with seamless coverage and zero dropouts like Ruckus. Our clients phones and tablets and our whole smart system depend massively on a stable home network and rock solid WIFI and Ruckus just delivers – once its set up its done and there is no messing around and no service calls which make our clients and our engineers very happy!” – Oliver Lisles (Finite Solutions Operations Director)

  • Anamorphic “Superwide” Projection in Cinema Rooms

“We install lots of great cinemas but the rooms which feature anamorphic super wide screens and lenses stand head and shoulders above the rest (Anamorphic delivers an image as wide as a professional cinema (around 1/3 wider than a normal widescreen) with no black bars at the top and bottom and also creates brighter images). When you sit down to demonstrate a completed room to a client and you start off watching something on Sky and then switch the system over to a movie and the screen expands out automatically to create the super wide movie mode its so exciting and clients just love it, it’s worth every penny extra” – Amin Shafi (Design Consultant at Finite Solutions Cheshire)


  • Domotz Remote Support and Service Systems

“Domotz remote management systems give me the ability to proactively monitor all our clients systems so I can see problems occur before our clients even know about them and I can remotely resolve most issues too which reduces call outs for the company and makes for much faster service for our clients” – Emma Smith (Service Manager Finite Solutions)

Reputation is Everything

Our Client Testimonials Speak For Themselves...

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  • “Having called the team in to “sort out” an installation we had several years prior by another company we have been very impressed with the honesty, determination and quality of consultancy and workmanship at our home by the whole team. In what I’m sure could have been viewed as an opportunity to have us spend a fortune unnecessarily by many companies, we always felt comfortable with Finite and the solutions they recommended were cost effective and delivered us a system which finally works perfectly.”

    Martine LeBanner – Surrey

  • “Lighting was important to us from the outset but had we not found Finite Solutions I don’t think we would have ended up with half the result we have. Being able to offer the joined up solution to our smart home and the lighting design and lighting control system was invaluable as we only had one person to turn to with any worries or problems as did the rest of our build team which made something that felt very complicated at the outset easy to deal with from a clients perspective and I would recommend the value of this to anyone undertaking a sizable project”

    Craig Barris - Leicester

  • “Not knowing which solutions and providers to choose was a major problem in the planning phase of our project but I’m happy we choose Finite as they were the only the company who really made the extra effort to listen to what we wanted and specified a solution accordingly. Throughout the project and now at completion we have been impressed with the diligence and desire to get everything just right ”

    Lisa Armstrong – Knustsford

  • “In a project like this you need a technology partner who isn’t only good technically but also has a vision for the interior and design elements of the room which was really the driver for this project and I’m happy to say Finite Solutions delivered both”

    Mark Jameson – Ripon

  • “A great team I can rely on to provide a professional services to our clients and deliver on their promises from lighting design and media room installations to full smart homes”

    Richard Grafton - Richard Grafton Interiors – Ilkley and Harrogate