Control4 Automation and Installation

As a Control4 dealer and professional smart home installer, Finite Solutions has access to a wide range of smart home automation equipment to deliver the right experience for you and your home. Designed to simplify your home life and give you control, smart home systems can revolutionise the way you live, from the way you enjoy entertainment to how you manage security and energy.

Control4 Home Automation System

Considered an operating system of the home, the Control4 smart home platform delivers automation and control across a range of connected devices.

It is able to integrate with products from a variety of different manufacturers at a more affordable price. This makes it the most open and affordable control solution on the market. It’s also the platform of choice for major consumer electronics companies, residential homes, businesses and utilities.

The Control4 system acts as the hub for lighting, music, video, security and energy management systems. It centralises everything into one system and makes it accessible via an intelligent app, remote control or wall switch. It is intended to reduce the complexity of personal (or in-home) technology and therefore has a user-friendly design which is easy to use.

The Control4 system is also more easily integrated into the home and will not always require a new build home to install.

As a certified Control4 installer, we have significant experience in integrating Control4 with other smart devices and systems throughout a home. With access to a full kit of smart home technology, we can incorporate lighting elements such as Lutron shading and lighting controls, BACNET heating controls and air conditioning, or CCTV.

Smart Energy

With a smart home system installed, the practical benefits are endless. For example, the Control4 system allows a user to optimise their energy usage by integrating with smart thermostats and allowing remote control of the heating. This means a home will only use the energy needed, saving money in the long term.

Full Security System Integration

The system allows you to operate your home security from the touch of a button or tap of a screen. If integrated, you are able to use the app interface to remotely access your CCTV system and lock doors and windows in the event of a suspected security risk. On the other hand, the app allows you to operate a video intercom when away from the home, granting entry to people should you wish. For added security, smart lights and shades can be remotely operated to create the illusion that someone is home.

Lighting Systems

When you aren’t away from the home, the lights can be controlled for more than just security. With a Control4 smart home hub, a user can arrive home to find the lights turn on as the door opens. With more precise control over your lighting, you can additionally use the platform to customise the aesthetics of your home, creating the right ambience for a guest party, an ideal movie-viewing experience or the perfect scene for date night.

Smart Home Entertainment

In addition to these practical features, Control4 also integrates with entertainment and media systems. You have the ability to play media from all connected smart devices at once or accommodate for everyone and play something different on every screen. This function enables you to carry your entertainment with you as you move from room to room.

See For Yourself

Control4 delivers instant control of audio, visual, lighting, shades, climate and security right at your fingertips. As a leader in smart home system technology, the Control4 Showroom allows clients and professionals to experience the openness and simplicity of the system. After viewing the showroom, Finite Solutions will be on hand to manage the installation and to help create the seamless smart home experience you’ve always dreamed of.

Reputation is Everything

Our Client Testimonials Speak For Themselves...

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  • “Lighting was important to us from the outset but had we not found Finite Solutions I don’t think we would have ended up with half the result we have. Being able to offer the joined up solution to our smart home and the lighting design and lighting control system was invaluable as we only had one person to turn to with any worries or problems as did the rest of our build team which made something that felt very complicated at the outset easy to deal with from a clients perspective and I would recommend the value of this to anyone undertaking a sizable project”

    Craig Barris - Leicester

  • “The Level of detail and clarity in the specifications and designs at the beginning of the project have been carried through in to the final installation and the team have been valuable assets to the project. At this level of property quality of work and on going timely support is everything and I am impressed by both at Finite Solutions.”

    Ali Berktanin (Clients Representative / Estate Manager – Chelsea)

  • “In a project like this you need a technology partner who isn’t only good technically but also has a vision for the interior and design elements of the room which was really the driver for this project and I’m happy to say Finite Solutions delivered both”

    Mark Jameson – Ripon

  • “The lighting design was very key to the projects success and we felt we were in a safe pair of hands dealing with Finite especially as they were also involved with the wider smart home system and were responsible for the smart lighting control so it meant services were tied in to a single package which was easier for us to manage. Ultimately the lighting has delivered exceptionally well and added the value we expected to the finished project”

    Ali Berktanin (Clients Representative / Estate Manager – Chelsea)

  • “A pleasure to work with on several large and complex projects, and a team who can solve problems and supply the necessary information efficiently and deliver on promises”

    Mark Bramhall - Bramhall Blenkharn Architects - York