What is smart home automation?

Smart home automation is the crossroads between technology and interior design. It involves automating elements of the home to operate by themselves or with very little input from the homeowner and minimal clutter. Lights, blinds, security cameras, temperature control and more can all be seamlessly integrated into the same central smart home system, allowing everything within the home to work together in unison.

With a smart home, you’ve got full control. You can operate via remotes and apps or even allow certain devices to trigger others to activate, deactivate or change their status.

The number of homes in Hull with standalone smart gadgets is increasing gradually, but a fully automated, professionally installed smart home system is still an exclusive luxury to enjoy.

Aspects of Home Automation

The reason luxury smart homes work so well is because they incorporate a variety of different elements, each with their own benefits for life at home.

  • Lighting

  • Smart lighting allows you not only to control your lights with more precision but can also allow for custom lighting sequences according to your needs and taste. For example, you could have different lighting scenes for the early morning routine, the evening, for watching a film or for working in the home office. Lighting sequences don’t have to be all about artificial lighting either. If your smart home in the Hull area gets plenty of natural light, you can use blinds to adjust how much you let in.

  • Security

  • With a security system connected to your smart home, you can benefit from the peace of mind that you’ll be notified the moment anything unusual is detected. With the right equipment, you can even engage in conversation with people at the door or on the grounds of your Hull property.

    Enhanced control over elements of the home such as lighting means you can also activate gadgets whilst away from the home to give the impression that the home is currently occupied.

  • Heating and Energy

  • With a smart home system, you give yourself greater control over your heating, cooling and therefore energy consumption. By programming your heating or cooling to switch off when you leave the room, you’ll only use what you need. The system can even learn from your lifestyle and be programmed to act differently depending on the season or time of day.

Home Entertainment

Whilst Hull has cinemas, concerts and The Deep for entertainment, it’s so much better when you can enjoy it all in the privacy of your own home or with family and friends. Whilst we can’t promise a giant aquarium, we can certainly deliver impressive 4K video and high-quality audio throughout your home.

Enjoy your favourite music or your favourite film in every corner of the home with multiroom audio and visual equipment. Through automation and expert design, screens and speakers can be concealed within the walls or ceiling and appear if needed, giving the room a sleeker, more modern appearance.

Professional Installations in Hull by Finite Solutions

Finite Solutions have worked within the smart home industry for over 20 years. Our team of qualified experts have the knowledge and experience to combine different smart home elements together for the best home living experience possible. Because we’re not tied to specific manufacturers, you can choose the best technologies from a wide range of brands. 

With your carefully chosen smart home equipment installed on one single system, Finite Solutions can help make your bespoke smart home dream come true. The best time to have a smart home installation is during renovation or a new build, but we are also able to install systems in other homes in Hull too. 

We operate throughout Yorkshire, including Hull with offices in both Leeds and York.

Start Your Smart Home Project

Are you based in the Hull area and interested in a luxury smart home installation? Why not visit our nearest showroom to you and try things out for yourself? Whilst there you’ll get a chance to see first-hand the true capabilities of a smart home as well as ask any questions you may have. Alternatively, you can contact us and a member of our team will be happy to help.