What is smart home automation?

Smart home automation is where technology meets interior design for a better life at home. Previously only controlled in isolation, devices such as light switches or heating can now be automated to revolutionise your Bradford home. 

Smart home automation brings together everything from security, heating, lighting, entertainment and more in one central system and allows them to work together. Not only does this save time, but it is more convenient, more efficient and fun! 

Most smart homes in Bradford at the moment have standalone smart home gadgets. However, a professional and luxury smart home system reaches beyond turning on a single light switch with your voice assistant. It allows you to operate everything together with a single remote, screen or app and can even be programmed to operate independently. Let’s take a look at the different aspects of smart home automation.

Home Automation Aspects

  • Lighting

  • Lighting is a crucial element to any home, but with the enhanced control that smart home automation offers, you gain a number of advantages. With the simple touch of a button, on the wall or in an app, you can quickly adjust your lighting depending on the situation and/or mood. Lighting scenes can even be pre-installed or programmed to activate or deactivate depending on whether anyone is at home, in a specific room or within a certain radius. Even when you’re away from your home in Bradford, you can still have control over your lights (as well as all other aspects of the smart home).

    Lighting isn’t all about artificial lights either. With blinds linked up to the smart home system, you can automate them to make the most of the natural daylight.

  • Heating, Cooling and Energy

  • When you have a smart home system, you give yourself greater control over your heating, cooling and therefore energy consumption. By programming your heating or cooling to activate only when it is needed and switch off when you leave the room, you’ll reduce energy consumption and save money. Temperature can be controlled via an app or device (room by room) and the smart home will do what it needs to achieve the temperature required. The system can even learn from your lifestyle and be programmed to act differently depending on the season or time of day.

    You can also programme the heating or cooling to switch off automatically when you leave the room or switch on when you are in proximity. For example, if you’re travelling back to your home in Bradford during winter, you may wish to programme the heating to switch on 15 minutes before you arrive.

  • Home Entertainment

  • Audio and video entertainment is so much better when it’s in the comfort of your own home… and in 4K HD surround sound! Enjoy your favourite music or your favourite film in every corner of the home with multiroom audio and visual equipment. With smart home automation and professional design, the screens and speakers can be concealed within the walls or ceiling and appear if needed, giving the room a sleeker, more modern appearance.

  • Home Security

  • Everyone wants to feel safe and secure in their own home, whether you’re in Bradford or elsewhere in the world. A smart home security system will allow you to do just that by enhancing your home’s security capabilities.

    When connected, you can be instantly notified via your mobile when a security device such as CCTV is triggered. Since all your smart home devices are interconnected, you’re able to switch your audiovisual system directly to the CCTV feed, the moment you receive that notification and view what is happening around or within the home. More advanced equipment means you could even engage in conversation with people at the door or on the grounds of your Bradford property.

Previous Smart Home Project Near Bradford

In Bradford’s neighbouring city, Leeds, we recently installed a smart home system that included a Lutron lighting system, TV screens, speakers and a cinema/media room. 

We worked together with architects and interior designers to allow for a seamless and discrete method of installing the technology. 100s of hours were spent on ensuring a complete integration. 

We started with the cinema room, which we ensured met acoustic standards for great quality cinema experiences. Afterwards, we proceeded to install video distribution systems as well as a range of different audio equipment, including bookshelf speakers and in-wall speakers. All equipment is housed in Mid Atlantic professional AV racks, concealed from view. 

The project was praised for its great music quality throughout as well as its ease of use and lighting simplicity.  

Smart Home Installation

As smart home automation specialists in Bradford, we can help bring your smart home project to life. With over 20 years of experience and a team full of qualified experts, we’re able to bring together the brands and devices you want into one integrated and bespoke smart home system. 

We operate nationally and in Yorkshire with our nearest offices in Leeds.

Thinking about a Bradford Smart Home?

Are you based in the Bradford area and interested in a luxury smart home installation? Nothing beats seeing a smart home in action first-hand. So, before you go any further, why not visit our nearby showroom and try things out for yourself? 

Whilst there, you’ll get a chance to see the true capabilities of a smart home as well as pick out your favourite devices. You can also speak to our smart home experts and ask any questions you may have about your own project.

Alternatively, you can contact us via our website and a member of our team will be happy to help.