The Brief

OUR clients were looking for a warm comfortable cinema room in their basement as part of a refurbishment of the wider basement level. The goal was high quality performance, ease of use and a clean look free from equipment and speakers etc.

The Solution

Working alongside the clients interior design a system was designed which would be completely discrete with all equipment, including the screen, hidden from site when the room wasn’t being used for watching movies.

High quality equipment from B&W, JVC, Anthem and Screen Research provided the back bone of the quality visual system and ensured great quality performance alongside simple ease of use.


Discrete Technology

Speakers were built behind upholstered walls and the projector was hidden in joinery along with the central audio visual equipment rack. The warm walnut wood and soft neutral upholstery ensures the room to feel very warm and inviting for the clients whole family.


Final Result

The completed room really delivers on the clients brief and they are delighted with the outcome as the warm inviting interior ensures the room issued regularly not just for watching movies but for day to day TV and sporting events and the once calibration and optimisation was completed the performance delivers beyond the price point.