The Brief

Our clients were looking to create a bespoke cinema room to seat 5 people in a large 6x5m room separate to their main house which had been used to hold a collection forty new and classic pinball machines.

The brief was to deliver a complete turnkey service to transform the room in to a custom designed space to include complete sound proofing and acoustic treatment packages, linking of the outbuilding to the main house, seating for 5, a star sky ceiling and space for at least 2 pinball machines!

The Technical solution

The deliver the required performance objectives of brightness viewing angles, speaker positioning and sound pressure level delivery in this cinema room in line with THX, SMPTE and CEDIA cinema standards a solution comprising the below equipment was specified


Epson 9400 projector

Grandview borderless 3m wide 16:9 4k screen

Kaleidescape movie server

Sky Q Silver box

Apple TV

Xbox One

Anthem MRX1140 AVR

2x B&W CTSW15 subwoofers and the SA1000 amplifier

3x B&W CWM7.3 S2 front speakers

4x B&W CWM7.5 S2 side and rear speakers

4x B&W CCM7.5 S2 in ceiling speakers

Lutron RA2 wireless lighting

Control4 smart home control for easy system operation

Interior Fit out

The room required a door and link to the main house to be created and the room was then stud framed with a floating construction not touching the perimeter walls or ceiling and duel layer of ply, green glue sandwich and plasterboard applied to all surfaces with all gaps filled with rockwool to soundproof the room.

The main walls were paint finished and the recessed arches and rear wall panelling was filled with Vicoustic VMT absorption panels and then covered in a plush suede material using a tensioned track system.

A star scape ceiling track system was used to create the twinkling star effect and LED lighting was used to create a ceiling coffer, under staging LED strips and a halo effect around the screen.

All equipment is hidden from viewing in temperature controlled cabinetry directly under the screen