The Brief

Having worked for our clients family previously this project required the conversion of an old swimming pool and outbuildings in to the ultimate home entertainment complex. The goal was to provide a large venue that the clients family and friends could gather in with a nightclub, snooker room and home cinema room all being required.

The Night Club

Conversion of the main room previously housing a swimming pool took around six months to complete with Finite solutions specifying the sound proofing and internal acoustic treatments to ensure high quality sound in the room via the commercial grade sound system and DJ booth. The lighting all Lutron controlled was also design by Finite to allow the space to be used for a number of different uses from children’s parties to music concerts to full night club use.

Snooker Room

The snooker room was design to offer a traditional look in keeping with the rural setting of the property and lighting systems and the B&W audio system were designed and installed by Finite solutions.

Cinema Room

The cinema room features a 10 foot wide Screen research screen and B&W speakers build in to the room alongside a Sony projector hidden in the coffee table between the first row of seats.

Technology summary

The whole complex features robust wifi and Lutron smart lighting control throughout alongside a Dahua HD CCTV system, Sonos music system with B&W speakers and Rotel amplification and a Wyrestorm 4k TV distribution system.

Operation is very simple via a Control4 smart home processor which allows the clients to operate the heating, lighting, music and TV and security systems from any iPhone or iPad which given the scale of the system was essential and simple clever features such as “Prepare for a Children’s party”, “prepare for a gig” etc set up the whole complex via a single button press so the space is ready and waiting at the correct temperatures and lighting mood before our clients even enter the building.