After the Flood and Room Strip out

Further to a flood at the beginning of 2021 the previous dedicated basement cinema room at Finite Solutions Show House was destroyed which, whilst immensely frustrating at the time, soon became an exciting opportunity to redesign the rooms interior the and update all of the technology


The Interior and Acoustic Design

We wanted to create a cosy inviting environment with high levels of detailing to ensure the room provides a truly memorable cinematic experience. Our goal was to deliver a room with Art Deco design cues that provided the wow factor but also worked to provide a perfect acoustic environment to optimise the performance of the audio and video systems.

Starting with 3D modelling to define the aesthetics, finishes and lighting in the room we then moved on to the technical design of the rooms build and AV system positioning and acoustic treatment layout using a variety of software platforms to model the rooms performance.

Ultimately the room utilises nine circuits of lighting for a flexible lighting solution with backlit Onyx displays covered by bespoke Art deco lattice work, a bespoke upholstered and edge lit diamond ceiling detail and lacquered wall columns with Brass inlays and brass wall lights for a very high end finish. The fabrics used are from the Camira Synergy range and are all acoustically transparent and hide all the speakers and the Cinematech diffusion, absorption and reflection treatments.

The Equipment

As we currently have a high end media room system utilising Arcam and Sonance Reference speakers in another demo room and a Yamaha and B&W system in a more entry level cinema room at our show house our goal with the  new Basement cinema was to deliver a truly reference standard  of performance based around the Wisdom Audio speaker system which we believe to offer the best possible solution for an enveloping and gripping cinematic performance.

The room features a 7..4.6 Dolby Atmos System utilising Wisdom P4i front channels, Wisdom P2i surround channels and 4x Custom 18” in wall subwoofers driven by an Acurus reference processor and 3x Acurus 7 channel 500W  power amplifiers.

A JVC N7 4k projector and Paladin Anamorphic lens with a Projecta acoustically transparent 3.6m wide 2.40:1 ratio screen provide the visuals and the system is fed by a Kaleidescape Stratos 4k movie server, Xbox One 4k, Apple TV 4k and Sky and CCTV feeds via a Wyrestorm 4k distribution system running around the whole show room system.

Lighting is controlled by Lutron RA2 and overall control of the rooms Av system, lighting and heating is provided by a Crestron control system using iPad and a smart HR-310 remote control.

End Result / Book a Demo

The completed room looks stunning and we are  delighted with the finished aesthetic but the cinematic performance is simply next level. After many hours of tweaking and calibration by our team and Wisdom Audio’s engineers the room delivers stunning levels of power and clarity providing a completely immersive suspension of disbelief that puts most commercial theatres to shame.

Please get in touch with our Leeds office to book a by appointment demonstration of the cinema room and to discuss you perfect home cinema or media room project with our consultants. We offer either cinema room design and audio visual system installation only or the full turn key service including designing and building your cinemas acoustic shell, interior fit out and audio visual system installation for the simplest and most effective end result for our clients.