The Brief

Our clients were building a bespoke new build home and were looking to incorporate a comprehensive smart home system to deliver house wide audio and video distribution, gate entry, heating and cooling control and security integration.

Having had previous bad experiences of poorly incorporated smart home systems the clients were keen to have demonstrations of several options and to see and feel the systems that could be installed so they could make the most informed decisions.

As big movie fans a bespoke media room style cinema was also a top priority and performance had to be next level from their previous homes cinema room.

The Solution

Demonstration was key to helping our clients select their preferred system and Finite’s award wining show house really came in to its own in allowing the clients to test and try Control4, Lutron, Crestron, Rako, KNX and many other core smart home and cinema systems to understand the pros and cons and cost benefit of each system.

Ultimately our clients decided to have a Crestron  system controlling the whole property due to to its bespoke interface allowing us to deliver both the simplest and most compressive control options for their family and to offer our bespoke exterior security system.

A Lutron lighting control system was selected due to its robust reliability and the quality of the smart keypads providing the slickest user experience and best compliment to the high end interiors by Design by Uber.

The Control System

The Crestron control system is extremely powerful in this project and the bespoke interface provided on the 7″ touch panels, smart app and smart hand held remotes throughout the house offers multiple different layers of control.

User mode selection allows the clients to select reduced functionality operation for guests and house staff with the family having full access to all standard control and an admin level user being able to adjust and change settings and functionality of wider elements of the system that should not be readily available to all. This level of flexibility makes the system very easy for most users whilst offering absolute flexibility where needed.

The system controls Sonos music throughout all rooms, Wyrestorm 4k over IP video distribution to 9x TV screens, heating control, gate entry intercom and control, CCTV control, lighting control, energy management and control of the high end external security detection system that provides early warning and reaction to any intruders in the grounds before they reach the property.

The Cinema Room

Further to a number of demonstrations and working within the design principles for the room as set out by the interior designers a very high performance cinema room was designed to deliver maximum impact, limitless headroom and crystal clear images.

A Sony 760 laser projector and specialist short throw lens adaptor allowed us to deliver a huge 3.5m wide screen in the small room for incredibly vivid clear 4k imagery from all sources shared from the central equipment rack.

To provide a very powerful yet discrete audio solution Triad gold in wall and on wall speakers were utilised alongside Anthem audio processing to provide a 7.2.2 Dolby Atmos surround sound system with delivers full 105Db reference level audio and absolutely immersive audio from all sources.