The Brief

The project brief was to design a lighting scheme and lighting control system for the redevelopment of an existing clients basement to create a complete custom entertainment and Leisure space.

In addition to great lighting, music and TV access was required throughout along with a media room

The Solution

Working to very detailed interior design plans and elevations the lighting design Incorporated both high quality wall and ceiling fittings and discrete back lighting, and display lighting to allow the creation of flexible lighting moods in each room and across the whole space, which can be opened up full when entertaining.

Lutron lighting with custom finished Palladio keypads all fully bespoke engraved allow using this large spaces lighting to be quick and simple.

A simple effective music system using Sonos and B&W in ceiling speakers alongside a simple Wyrestorm 4K  video distribution system allows viewing of several Sky Q silver Boxes, CCTV, Apple TV and a Kalieldescape movie system on each room TV screen and in the Media room

Global Control was provided by Crestron which si expanded from the wider house system and provide complete control of security, entertainment, heating and lighting.

The Media Room

The Media Room was to be a high quality but cost effective solution for enjoying movies but also major sporting events. As the room was to be primarily used when entertaining and would therefore not be used in black out conditions a simple bright Epson 4k 9400 projector was specified along with a Projecta 1.1 gain 10 foot wide projection screen.

B&W CT series speaker system was built invisibly behind the screen and the walls and ceiling all drive by Arcam electronics to provide very powerful immersive audio and in the space.

A full tensioned fabric system ensured acoustic treatments and all speakers could be completely hidden whilst being ideally positioned and the upholstered walls also look fantastic and enhance the interior style

Lutron Lights

The End Result

The finished space looks incredible and the discretion of the technology does not distract at all from all the efforts of the interior design and cabinetry teams.

The lighting design highlights and compliments the overall design scheme and is extremely flexible to suit the many uses of this large open space.

The audio visual and lighting solutions add to tremendously to the space and are very simple to use and allow for single touch operation of the “Prepare entertainment level” button on Lutron switch at the top of the basement stairs which sets the lighting, temperature and music exactly as preferred throughout the entire space which has been extremely well received as each area doesn’t have to be individually set up before guests arrive.