Promoting The Best Brands Through Effective Demonstration

Since founding Finite Solutions in 20113 we have utilised the very best brands to delivery stunning smart home, lighting and home cinema projects.

We maintain a core group of brands and systems that we have worked with for over 17 years so we know the systems inside and out. Whilst we stick with a limited number of suppliers we have always offered choice and flexibility to our clients and rather than stick with only a single solution our team are expertly training on the programming and commissioning of the key leading alternative systems. Not every smart home should have the same system and the different scales of property, style, complexity of solution and available budget mean different systems are specified by our consultants to suit the requirements of each client.

For these reasons we are proud to represent the best brands at their respective target systems and price points – Crestron, Lutron, Control4, B&O, B&W, Meridian, Sonance, Wisdom, Draytek, Ruckus, Cisco, SCP, Mid Atlantik and many more.

We believe firmly in demonstration and systems from all of the above suppliers are available for demonstration in our Leeds, Cheadle and Fulham offices allowing our clients to experience the differences for themselves so you can make an informed choice on the most suitable system for your home.

16th Aug 2020
Reputation is Everything

Our Client Testimonials Speak For Themselves...

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  • “A pleasure to work with on several large and complex projects, and a team who can solve problems and supply the necessary information efficiently and deliver on promises”

    Mark Bramhall - Bramhall Blenkharn Architects - York

  • “The lighting design was very key to the projects success and we felt we were in a safe pair of hands dealing with Finite especially as they were also involved with the wider smart home system and were responsible for the smart lighting control so it meant services were tied in to a single package which was easier for us to manage. Ultimately the lighting has delivered exceptionally well and added the value we expected to the finished project”

    Ali Berktanin (Clients Representative / Estate Manager – Chelsea)

  • “The Level of detail and clarity in the specifications and designs at the beginning of the project have been carried through in to the final installation and the team have been valuable assets to the project. At this level of property quality of work and on going timely support is everything and I am impressed by both at Finite Solutions.”

    Ali Berktanin (Clients Representative / Estate Manager – Chelsea)

  • “Support has always been key to me as things do go wrong from time to time and the service we receive from Finite has always been first class and that provides us with the peace of mind that allows us to enjoy the systems capabilities every day.”

    Rob Dwell – Leeds

  • "Finite deliver the appropriate solutions which add value to our projects and always to a high standard, a good team to work alongside”

    Sami Sulman - Masro - Principal Contractor - London