Another successful year at the Harrogate Homebuilding & Renovating show 2012

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For the fourth year running Finite Solutions has exhibited at the Homebuilding & Renovating show at the Harrogate International Centre. The custom built display featured a Panasonic 65” VX300 professional display, the current flagship of their range, a Kaleidescape media server showing a wide selection of movies and an Apple TV to show a selection of our recent projects. An iPad was used to control the whole system and show visitors how simple it is to control a wide range of Smart Home and Audio Visual technology via a straightforward touchscreen interface.

Design Consultant Matt Wayne provided a seminar at the Masterclass Theatre and discussed the important considerations potential customs should bear in mind when considering a Home Cinema installation. In addition to the visitors to the show the exhibition was also a great opportunity to develop working relationships with a number of Architects, developers and builders.

Visitors to the stand noted how attractive the installation looked despite the large TV taking centre stage, this encouraged may of them to stop and talk to us about how they could incorporate technology into their own homes that they may have previously discounted due to its aesthetic impact.

Following on from another successful year plans are already in place to return next year, we have a limited number of free tickets for each event, anyone wishing to visit us next year should contact us at to be added to the guest list.

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8th Nov 2012
Reputation is Everything

Our Client Testimonials Speak For Themselves...

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  • “The lighting design was very key to the projects success and we felt we were in a safe pair of hands dealing with Finite especially as they were also involved with the wider smart home system and were responsible for the smart lighting control so it meant services were tied in to a single package which was easier for us to manage. Ultimately the lighting has delivered exceptionally well and added the value we expected to the finished project”

    Ali Berktanin (Clients Representative / Estate Manager – Chelsea)

  • “The security system implemented by Finite Solutions is invaluable and the whole family feel safe in the new house which was something we were nervous about achieving. All the toys and cinema room etc installed at the same time are great but feeling secure is essential and the early warning systems in the garden than alert us BEFORE someone breaks in was worth every penny”

    Home owner - Surrey on Thames

  • “The Level of detail and clarity in the specifications and designs at the beginning of the project have been carried through in to the final installation and the team have been valuable assets to the project. At this level of property quality of work and on going timely support is everything and I am impressed by both at Finite Solutions.”

    Ali Berktanin (Clients Representative / Estate Manager – Chelsea)

  • “A company I can rely on to look after my clients best interests and persevere during the later stages of a project when everyone is under pressure to ultimately produce complex large scale systems that perform well and add value to my clients experience of their new homes”

    David McCormack - Studio Map Architects – Harrogate /London

  • “Delivered on promises made and managed expectations throughout, thoroughly impressed with the system and I would recommend your services to anyone looking for a large yet simple to use smart home system or Cinema room that will blow them away.”

    Mark Priest – Harrogate