What You Can Expect to See

  • The ultimate smart home experience
  • A media room for the entire family
  • Experience complete simple home automation at its best
  • As the market leader in high end smart home systems the Crestron show room allow clients and professionals to view a high end apartment which features the very best of available technology. Via smart phone or tablet, in wall touch panels or smart remotes clients can experience the advantages and mode of operation of a fully integrated home bringing together smart lighting, security, blinds, HVAC, TV, music and cinema systems in to a single easy to use platform.

  • Showcasing how invisible high end smart technology can be integrated in to a beautiful interior the reference quality cinema system in the Crestron show room is hidden when not needed and at the push of a button sliding panels reveal a large LED TV and high quality speaker system for day to day viewing and for movies an invisible projector and screen system descends from the ceiling to deliver the very best cinema experience.

  • The Crestron show room allows us to demonstrate the very best most robust, reliable and comprehensive home automation systems on the market. Experience numerous different styles and sizes of smart remotes, in wall touch panels and smart apps which control the very best music, TV, lighting, security, and heating solutions. A truly inspiring experience of the art of the possible.

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