Are you interested in seeing smart home automation at it’s best? Our showroom in London is a sterling example of the finest smart home automation software in the world. If it’s luxury you’re looking for, you’ll feel right at home from the moment you enter. 

You’ll have full access to all the showroom’s features and freedom to test the smart home system how you wish, to ensure it’s the best fit for you. By the time your visit is over, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

What You Can Expect to See

  • The ultimate smart home experience

  • Crestron is a market leader in smart home automation and is responsible for some of the most luxurious smart home setups. Their sophisticated smart home systems installed in the London showroom allows clients and professionals to view a high end apartment which features the very best of today’s available technology. It’s definitely designed to impress.

    Visitors can control the elements of the smarthome all through the power of a smartphone, tablet, remotes or touchscreen wall panels. You’ll experience first hand how a smart home operates and see the advantages of a fully integrated system. Watch as smart lighting, security, blinds, HVAC, TV, music and cinema systems work together in unison to enhance and simply home life, whilst staying efficient.


  • The London Crestron Showroom is a perfect example of how different elements come together to build a smart home. We invite guests to try out all the possibilities for themselves.

    Lighting is an important part of the smart home design in London and can be adjusted in combination with the blinds to match the time of day. Experiment with creating different atmospheres using the lighting, whether that’s for a film night, a party or a summer’s day. Through the Crestron system installed throughout the house, you control any of the lights in the home.

    Test the security system whilst in the showroom. Within the Crestron app you’re able to view the cameras within the property, set alarms and monitor the motion sensor status. It’s the perfect example of how a smart home can keep a house safe and secure.

    Along with security, the state-of-the-art hardware and software allows for efficient and simple management of the heating and air conditioning. Use only the energy you need with exact control over the temperature and energy usage. Whilst one room uses the air conditioning to cool, the other can be a different temperature completely. Any adjustments can be made using a touch screen or mobile device.


  • The Crestron showroom in London incorporates technology with design to create the ultimate media room experience, with seamless results.

    Invisible high end smart technology is integrated into the beautiful interior of the showroom. A TV screen rises from within a chest of drawers at the flick of a switch and a projector screen descends from the ceiling in the lounge. Sliding panels reveal a large LED TV and high quality speaker system. All are ready to provide the very best cinematic experience, in style.

    The showroom is fitted with an audio distribution system linked to high quality speakers. This enables audio play throughout the home which can be linked to the visual systems.


  • The Crestron showroom allows us to demonstrate the very best in smart home design. Crestron is the most robust, reliable and comprehensive home automation system on the market today. Experience numerous different styles and sizes of smart remotes, in wall touch panels and smart apps which control the very best music, TV, lighting, security, and heating solutions. A truly inspiring experience of the art of the possible.

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Experiencing our technology is much more effective in person. To see the London Showroom by Crestron in action, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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