What is smart home automation

Smart home automation is where technology meets interior design for better home living. It allows for the automation of devices in the home that were previously controlled in isolation, such as light switches or heating. Smart home automation brings together security, heating, lighting, entertainment and more in one central system allowing them to work together. Not only does this save time, but it is more convenient and more efficient.

Most smart homes in Leeds at the moment consist of several isolated smart home gadgets. However, a professional and luxury smart home system reaches beyond turning on a single light switch with your voice assistant. It allows you to operate everything together with a single remote, screen or app and can even be programmed to operate independently.

The Different Aspects of Home Automation

The reason luxury smart homes work so well is because they incorporate a variety of different elements, each with their own benefits for life at home.

  • Lighting

  • Smart homes allow for greater control over lighting, meaning that you can programme specific lighting scenes for different requirements or times of the day. Lighting can even be programmed to activate or deactivate depending on whether anyone is at home, in a specific room or within a certain radius.

    With this control, it means you can have the lights switch on when you’re half a mile away from home, ready for you to arrive. If you’re away from Leeds for a period of time, you can still have control over your lights (as well as all other aspects of the smart home). Lighting sequences aren’t all about artificial lighting either. If your smart home in the Leeds area gets plenty of natural light, you can use blinds to adjust how much you let in.

  • Security

  • Smart technology enhances your home’s security capabilities. You can instantly receive notifications on your mobile when a device is triggered, such as CCTV or movement sensors. You’re able to connect CCTV cameras to your audiovisual system the moment you receive that notification and view what is happening around or within the home. With the right equipment, you can even engage in conversation with people at the door or on the grounds of your Leeds property.

  • Heating, cooling & energy

  • Through the power of smart home technology, you can have greater control over your heating and cooling systems, saving you energy in the process. If programmed, the heating or cooling system in your home can switch off the moment you leave, meaning you use only the energy you need. On average, smart homes can save up to 30% on their energy costs when used correctly.

  • Home entertainment

  • Just like with other systems, smart home technology really boosts your home’s entertainment capabilities. Enjoy multiroom audio which allows you to broadcast your music throughout the house for events such as parties or have it play different genres for each room. As with audio, you can do the same for video. Everyone in the home can watch their own 4K video from Sky, Netflix, Apple TV and more. Alternatively, you can broadcast across the home so you can continue watching as you move through your Leeds smart home.

    Through automation and expert design, screens and speakers can be concealed within the walls or ceiling and appear if needed, giving the room a sleeker, more modern appearance.

Previous smart home projects in leeds

In a recent smart home project in Leeds, our client had just purchased a new 10,000 sq foot home with an existing but outdated smart home system that didn’t work properly. The client had seen what was capable at our showroom and wanted a home that delivered simple lighting controls, maximum security and multiroom audiovisual with in-ceiling speakers

Security in the new Leeds property involved HD cameras inside and out with a burglar alarm integration, security dog alert and release control as well as our bespoke perimeter detection system. This was then connected to the wider Control4 smart home system, allowing for the screens to display the view outside and notifications to be received via a tablet or smartphone.

The house also had a Lutron lighting system installed as well as Sonos audio and HD video distributed throughout the house. The AV racks were installed in a temperature-controlled room to prevent overheating in summer and freezing in winter.

Leeds smart home installation

As smart home automation specialists in Leeds, we can help bring your smart home project to life. With over 20 years of experience and a team full of qualified experts, we’re able to bring together the brands and devices you want into one integrated and bespoke smart home system. 


We operate nationally and in Yorkshire with offices in Leeds.

Start your project with finite solutions

Are you based in the Leeds area and interested in a luxury smart home installation? Why not visit our nearest showroom to you and try things out for yourself? Whilst there you’ll get a chance to see first-hand the true capabilities of a smart home as well as ask any questions you may have. Alternatively, you can contact us and a member of our team will be happy to help.