The Brief

Our clients had already owned several home cinemas in previous properties and were looking to achieve an even better performance than they were used to from this custom design room in an outbuilding of their new property. The room was required to be sound proofed, custom finished, to house at least 12  people and to delivery exceptional picture and sound quality from a wide variety of source material.

Single Cinema Reclining Seats

The Solution

As the clients were treating this project in isolation to the main house and were very limited on time they were looking for a turn key solution where Finite Solutions handled the entire construction, fit out and AV systems for the room.

Based on the clients experience of AV equipment in previous rooms a number of solutions were specified initially at varying price points allowing the clients to tailor the budget for each element of the audio, video, seating, fit out etc to suit their requirements.

Ultimately a reference quality audio system was selected utilising 13x Triad Platinum speakers, 4x Triad Platinum subwoofers and Datasat processing and amplification for an immensely powerful 9.4.4 Dolby Atmos audio configuration. A Barco 4k 3 chip DLP projector was specified with extremely high brightness which delivered incredibly vivid, bright 4k ,HDR images on a screen research 4.5m wide anamorphic lateral masking screen.

12x custom finished Fortress electric leather recliners were specified alongside artnovian acoustic treatments and bespoke suede wall panelling to ensure the best possible sound and the most comfortable environment to enjoy movies and sporting events.

Concept Interior Design

3d Models, video walkthroughs and mood boards were provided to allow the clients to see every detail of the interior fit out prior to agreeing the design which makes heavy use of upholstered suede panelling on all walls, contrast seating and bespoke illuminated step lighting along with the classic starry night fibre optic ceiling to deliver a very cinematic feeling room.

Discrete Equipment and Simple Operation

All central audio visual equipment is housed in a dedicated projection room at the rear of the cinema which is accessed by a hidden door. The projector is also housed behind optical glass so it doesn’t spoil the look of the room and no fan noise disturbs the movie experience. Despite the scale of the room and systems in place operation is incredibly simple via the hand held Crestron smart remote or iPad which at the touch of a single button opens the screen curtains, dims the lights, turns on the Av system and selects the movie server.

Smart Home Device

End Result

The clients returned to the property after several months abroad as we were finishing the final commissioning and they were simply blown away by the finish of the interior and the audio visual performance. The power and scale of the sound delivery and vibrancy of the image makes this room stand out as one of the best performing rooms we have ever had the privilege to install.