The Brief

As part of a complete refurbishment of one of the finer homes in London, our client wanted to ensure the lighting design enhanced the very high end interior scheme and architecture of the building. Operation had to be slick, simple and provide smart home integration and security enhancement.


Following completion of the core room layouts and interior design schemes for each room in the property Finite Solutions produced room by room lighting layouts, circuit, fitting schedules and mood boards detailing the lighting moods and effects to be provided in each area.

The focus was on discrete architectural fittings, high quality designer pendants and wall lights to provide warm and relaxing lighting that highlighted key design featured artwork in each room whilst also providing flexibility for the various uses of each space.

Lighting Specification

The supplied lighting was combination of Orlight and Astro lighting plastered in architectural downlights, Linear LED strips and floor wash lights supplied by Finite Solutions, alongside large bespoke feature pieces provided by the interior designers and clients directly

All lighting provided had a colour temperature of 2700k to provide warmth of light and a very high Cri of 98 was achieved on almost all fittings so the beautiful artwork throughout could be viewed as naturally as possible.

Lighting Control

To ensure operation was simple, Lutron lighting was specified throughout the building and grounds which is all controlled via Lutron excellent bespoke engraved See touch light switches. These controlled both the lighting and blinds, allowing for control of lighting within individual rooms as well as global all off, welcome home and security functions which invoke lighting selection throughout the entire property at the touch of a single button.

The Lutron system is also integrated with the Crestron smart hone control system allowing control of the lights in any room from the clients smart phones and tablets as well as in wall touch screen panels.

Crestron also controls integration with security systems for holiday mode lighting and all off control linked to alarm setting for simple and smart operation.

All installation of the required cabling and light fittings was completed by the site electrical contractor working to Finite Solutions supplied design documentation which detailed cable runs, fitting information and positioning, circuit breakdowns and Lutron board locations.

Installation of all Smart Lutron keypads and communication links between all Lutron locations was completed by Finite Solutions engineers. Programming of the Lutron lighting scenes per room and for the global control of the house was provided by Finite Solutions in liaison with the clients and interior designer.

Home Entertainment System

End Result

The finished result was beyond the clients expectations and truly enhanced the interior design and architecture of the property.

Thanks to the bespoke engraved Lutron keypads in room quick and simple use, together with security enhancements and smart control being provided via the Crestron smart home automation system allowing for flexible operation.