The Brief

As part of a complete home renovation, our client was looking for a luxury home cinema with bespoke design, comfortable seating and very high-quality picture and surround sound performance that was all quick and easy to use.


The Design Solution

Working in conjunction with our client and the interior designer and architect we produced the room interior layout and electrical, lighting, acoustic and AV wiring design schematics and, circuit breakdowns and schedules.

3D Models were produced to demonstrate the rooms layout, lighting and interior finishes.

Audio Visual and Control Systems

The audio visual solution specified provided a 9.4.4 Dolby Atmos surround sound configuration powered by B&W 8 series cinema reference speakers and subwoofers, Mackintosh amplification and the incredible Datasat surround sound processor.

On the video side of the system a Sony VP-1100ES native 4k HDR projector was specified along with an anamorphic lens and screen research acoustically transparent 9 foot wide masking screen in conjunction with Apple TV, 4k Blu-Ray and Sky 4k sources.

Lighting is controlled via Lutron QS system which runs throughout the whole property and general system control is via  Crestron control system which makes operation of the audio visual and lighting systems very simple via any of the clients iPhone’s or iPad’s and also provides instant control of the heating and security systems in the cinema room and wider property.



Further to the fantastic work by the joiners and electricians working to our design documentation Finite Solutions engineers built, wired and tested the AV rack offsite and tested all control via the  Crestron system. Our team then installed all speakers, acoustic panels and the projector screen before the fabric wall team then installed the fabric wrap which covers over all acoustic material and all speakers and gives a modern clean look which is then accentuated via subtle lighting details to deliver a soft warm environment without direct light falling on the projection screen.

After the carpet and fit out works were complete the AV rack and projector were installed and a lengthy commissioning process then took place to ensure the surround sound and picture were optimised to deliver the best possible experience.

End Result

The finished result is stunning, the room is beautifully designed and finished and due to the fabric wall systems and hidden acoustic treatments the very high quality sound system is allowed to deliver to its full potential and provide the true suspension of disbelief that all great cinema systems provide. The picture quality is also superb and provides a bright, vibrant and natural image from Sky Apple TV and Blu-Ray.

A really fantastic room that our London team are all very proud of.