Even though the loft was opened into a large space from being two rooms, the space proved quite tricky to get the correct layout due to the roof beams, supporting walls and eves.

We discussed all possible layouts with the client and drew several different scenarios in CAD to help him see how they would look. The final layout was chosen so the screen could be centred and the seating would fit around all the beams.


The main feature of the room is the 9ft screen hung on the new wall. The client wanted the room to have minimalist look so all attention was on the screen, hence the hidden doors to hide the equipment.

To keep within this design parameter we used Anthony Gallo Nucleus speakers in a Stainless Steel finish. These are very small but produce fantastic audio quality for their size and are in keeping with the rest of the room.


A Rako lighting control system was added to the project. We recommend lighting control with nearly all home cinema rooms as this is so important to create the right mood whilst also having enough light to move about. Being able to use the remote control to control the lighting was also a must for the client and the Rako system was the best product for this function.


During the installation we included future proof cables so future game systems and formats could be used. We also ran cable to floor sockets near the seating to so items such as game console steering wheels could be used without having to trail cables across the floor. Two large REL subwoofers were hidden behind the seating so there would be a real kick to the base which is excellent when playing games.


On the large screen it is much easier to see the quality of high definition. All the components where specified to make sure the picture quality was as impressive as possible within the budget.

Even though the client wanted to wait before getting a Blue Ray or HD DVD player we made sure the system could cope with these formats and there is room for expansion within the system to add them at a later date. Time was taken to set up and carefully fine tune the system using demo discs projector set up tools and audio calibration equipment. This meant the system is running at its optimum performance.


The client wanted not only himself to easily use the system but also friends and family we included a pronto touch screen remote. The remote was customized to have the clients name on it to impress friends but the main principle behind the programming was to make life simple. Just an on or off button and then select one of the four options depending on what you want to do. Watch a movie, play games, listen to music or control the lights. The remote then does it all.