The Brief

As a major construction company building premium student halls of residence our clients were looking to provide a dedicated cinema room for their tenants.

Our brief was to deliver a dark, moody but funky room design and a high quality cinema experience with robust ease of use and reliability for the tenements

The Solution

Through consultation with the wider design team a simple effective design was created which sound proofed the room and provided a main feature wall of bespoke upholstery and acoustic treatments and screen wall which allowed all equipment to be kept under lock and key expect for client accessible Blu-Ray players and an input for games consoles to be plugged in to the room.

Robust electronics from Epson and Yamaha and Kef speakers and Screen Research screen provided  a high quality cinema experience which being robust and protected and against mis-use.

Ease of use

To ensure the building management team had control over the use of the room whilst allowing easy tenant operation the room is controlled by a Control4 system which provides a simple robust on wall keypad which allows tenants to turn the system on, select inputs and control the volume level (which is set with a limit to prevent damage to speakers).

Rather than provide an expensive smart remote which could easily be lost in this environment an IR relay and simple Sky and blu-ray remote were provide for channel skipping etc as these can cheaply be replaced should they get misplaced or damaged.

The reception desk also has a control 4 iPad interface at their desk allowing them to pre set up a room for movies or sporting events and to shut down and lock out the rooms system should they need to.