Nest Reveals Their 3rd Generation Learning Thermostat

Nest, the smart home division of the Google’s spin off holding brand Alphabet*, recently launched the third generation of their leading smart thermostat.

The brand new Nest Learning Thermostat features a slimmer profile to blend in much better with the interior design. The new smart thermostat also has a much better high resolution display that is 40% larger than its predecessor. The new display of the thermostat is designed to increase visibility across the room.

Farsight lets you peek at the temperature and time.



The next generation thermostat packs two significant features to make life easier and safer at home. The feature called Farsight automatically displays time and temperature information on the new larger and crisper display when it detects movement in the room. This feature enable quick overview of the thermostat status across the room without having to get closer.

The second feature to be debuted with 3rd generation Nest is called Furnace Heads-Up. Nest will keep an eye on the furnace shut ups throughout the year.

3rd generation Nest will be available in the UK in 2015.


Nest learning thermostat has been particularly successful with promoting the benefits of smart home, by saving over 4 million kWh energy in millions of homes around the world since 2011. The next generation of the thermostat seeks at expanding the energy saving benefits of smart homes to even more homes. Following the initial success in US, the thermostat was made available in the UK, competing with the British Gas supported Hive.

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Google owned Nest brand focuses on delivering home technology solutions that make smart homes a reality. With the help of Nest’s different products and services, such as Protect, Security camera and Works with Nest program, Nest is aiming at bringing together various smart home solutions into an integrated platform.

Nest’s third generation smart thermostat is already available in the US. Nest is expected to bring the new generation device to the UK in 2015.

*Following the restructuring of Google, an umbrella company called Alphabet was created, with the purpose of separating Google’s various businesses from their core business of online services. Before a part of Google, Nest has become a company within the Alphabet corporation. This move is understood to differentiate Google’s various ventures without being dependent on the Google branding.

1st Sep 2015
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