How Much Does a Home Cinema Cost?

Home Cinema Costs

The own home cinema has become a popular addition to many homes but cinema room costs can vary wildly, depending on the design and features that you choose.

However, even a simple own home cinema system can provide an enjoyable film-watching experience. There are many home cinema designs available to suit a range of budgets. The cost of cinema room design will also vary depending on the size and layout of the room.

A smaller room may only require basic soundproofing and lighting, while a larger room may need more extensive work to create the perfect home cinema experience. In general, it is advisable to consult with a home cinema specialist to get an accurate estimate of the costs involved in creating your ideal home cinema room.

So, if you’re looking to add a little bit of Hollywood to your home, let’s look at what’s available and what might add to the cost.

What factors affect the price of a home cinema system?

There are a number of factors that can affect the price of a home cinema system.

Home Cinema Designs

Home theatre setups can range from simple and functional to elaborate and luxurious. The type of cinema room design you choose will have a big impact on the overall cost of the system.

  • What level of finish do you desire?
  • Do you want a room that looks like a traditional cinema, or something more unique and personalised?
  • TV or projector screen?
  • Dedicated room or occasional home theatre?
  • What Sound System?
  • Centre Speaker, surround system or acoustically transparent screen with hidden speakers?

Example Home Cinema

Streaming or DVD Player?

When it comes to watching movies, there are a variety of ways to do so. Two of the most popular methods are streaming films online or watching them on a DVD or Blu-ray disc player. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. With an endless range of streaming films available, subscription plans offer a variety of film titles at a fraction of the cost of buying individual DVDs and with no potential to get scratched and damaged. Another benefit of streaming is that it offers a wider selection of titles, including many older and foreign films that may not be available on physical media.

However, one downside of streaming is that it can require a high-speed internet connection in order to achieve optimal video quality. Additionally, streaming services can sometimes be unreliable, with films freezing or stopping mid-playback.

Watching films on a DVD or Blu-ray player offers several benefits as well. Additionally, films on DVD and Blu-ray tend to have better audio output and video quality than those streamed online. A smart DVD player may be the answer giving you the best of both worlds.

Dedicated Room or Occasional Home Theatre?

Many people enjoy watching movies in the comfort of their own homes. In order to provide the best possible viewing experience, some homeowners choose to install a dedicated cinema room. Others opt for occasional home theatre setups, with a drop down screen and equipment which can be dismantled and stored when not in use.

Factors to consider

There are several factors to consider when deciding which option is best for you. Most video projectors and drop down projection screens are relatively inexpensive, but dedicated cinema rooms often require additional soundproofing, insulation, and lighting fixtures. As a result, they can be more costly to build and maintain. A dedicated cinema room can be used anytime, but an occasional home theatre setup requires more effort to assemble and takedown.

Do you entertain guests often? If so, a dedicated cinema room may be a good investment in creating a movie room to give you, your family members and your friends the best home theatre experience.

Cinema Room Location

The location of cinema rooms will also have an impact on the overall cost of the system. If the room is in close proximity to other rooms that need to be fairly quiet you may need a special sound reducing wallboard to absorb sound and prevent it from travelling. If you live in an apartment or semi, your neighbours may also appreciate this extra consideration.

A home cinema room can be built as an extension of an existing room or as a completely separate space. If you have an unused basement or attic, this may be the perfect location for your home cinema room. However, keep in mind that any necessary renovations will add to the overall cost of the project.

When deciding on the location of your home cinema room, it is important to consider the acoustics of the space. Echoed sound can ruin an otherwise perfect viewing experience. Therefore, it is essential to choose a room with good acoustics or to consult with a sound expert to find the best way to improve the sound in your chosen space.

If the room has lots of windows you may need to look at blinds or other window treatments to keep out ambient light and create a dark room to get the best possible picture quality.

Home Cinema Equipment

The type of equipment you choose for your home cinema will also impact the system’s overall cost. The most basic home cinema designs may only include a television and a sound system, while a more advanced dedicated home cinema room can include multiple satellite speakers, surround sound, subwoofers, projection equipment or flat screen TV.

The average cost of a home cinema system will depend on the size and complexity of the home theatre system, screen size, as well as the type of equipment used.

Home Cinema Furniture

The type of furniture you choose for your screening room will also impact the system’s overall cost. You may want to go for traditional movie theatre style seats or perhaps just a large comfortable sofa. If you are going all out on a luxury home cinema room then bespoke leather recliners with integral cup holders and storage might be more your style creating a true luxury cinema room experience.

The important thing to remember is that the furniture you choose needs to be comfortable and fit the space available. It’s also worth considering how easy it will be to clean the furniture, as spills are inevitable when eating and drinking in front of the big screen.

Bespoke Home Cinema Seating

Home Cinema Installation

Most home theatre setups will require some form of installation, whether it’s simply connecting the components together or actually building the room from scratch. The cost of installation will depend on the level of work required, as well as the complexity of the system.

Ensure you do plenty of research into home cinema installers before taking anyone on and get recommendations if at all possible. The cheapest quote may not be the best option, as bad installation could cost you more in the long run if things go wrong. A home theatre system can have many integral parts, and if any of them are not installed correctly it can cause big problems.

Cinema Screen Installation

Complex Home Cinema Installation Costs

If you are looking for a proper home theatre space the options are endless. A complex home cinema installation would include everything in a medium installation, plus additional features such as motorised screens and projectors, hidden speaker systems, and bespoke wiring. This type of installation is usually very complex and would require professional installation.

The cost of a complex home cinema installation will depend on the type and number of components being installed, as well as the time required to do the job. For example, if you were installing a projector, surround sound system, streaming device, and motorised large screen then the job would be very complex and time-consuming, so the cost would be higher.

If you want to be watching films in your own bespoke dedicated space cinema room, with state-of-the-art surround sound, an acoustically transparent screen, the best speaker system and the most comfortable home cinema seating, take professional advice at an early stage. They will be able to advise on everything from layout and design to the best seating location to make the most of your own cinema room. An experienced installer should be able to flag up issues that you may not have thought of ensuring a seamless media room design and installation.

Room Size

Another factor to consider is the size of the room. A home cinema room that is too small will not be able to accommodate all of the necessary equipment and mean some viewers did not have good sight lines to the big screen. A room that is too large will be more expensive to run and will require a bigger screen, larger speakers and so on all adding to the cost.

It is recommended that you have at least 2.5 meters x 2.5 meters of floor space for a small home cinema room, 3.5 meters x 3.5 meters for a medium-sized room and 4.5 meters x 4.5 meters for a large room. These measurements are based on the size of the screen you want to install.

The size of the home theatre space will also have an impact on the type of projector you need. If you have a small room, then short throw projectors may be a better option as they can be placed closer to the projection screen or wall without losing image quality. If you have a larger room, you may be able to get away with a standard projector.

Home Cinema Seating

Screen Size

The size of the tv or projector screen you choose will also have an impact on the cost of the system. A large screen will obviously be more expensive, but it will also require a more powerful projector and larger speakers to create the optimum experience. The tv or projector screen needs to be in proportion to the room size to make it comfortable to watch movies. The seating does not want to be too close to a big screen.


The projector is one of the most important pieces of equipment in a home cinema setup, as it’s responsible for creating the image on the screen. The cost of a projector will depend on the type, resolution and lumens.

There are two main types of projector available, DLP and LCD. DLP projectors tend to be more expensive, but they offer a better image quality. LCD projectors are less expensive, but the image quality is not as good.

The resolution of the projector will also impact the cost. A 1080p projector is the standard nowadays and should be sufficient for most people. If you want a 4K projector, then you will obviously have to pay more.

Finally, the lumens of the projector will also play a role in its price. The higher the lumens, the brighter the video projector will be.

Cinema Projector

Surround Sound System

Another important factor to consider is the speakers. How many speakers will your space need for good sound quality?

There are two main types of speaker available, passive and active. Passive speakers are less expensive, but they require an amplifier to work. Active speakers are more expensive, but they have their own built-in amplifier so you don’t need to buy one separately.

The size of the speaker will also play a role in its price. A small speaker will obviously be cheaper than a large one and how many speakers you need will also be determined by the quality and capability of the surround system.

Wired versus Wireless Speakers

There are two main types available, wired and wireless speakers. Wireless surround sound speakers are the more fashionable choice, while wired ones can offer higher quality performance features. The wireless approach means you don’t have the issue of negotiating wiring from your front speakers and rear speakers, making installation that bit easier.


A subwoofer is an essential piece of equipment in any home cinema setup. Whether you’re listening to music or watching movies, a subwoofer is important as many speakers can’t produce some frequencies.

These extra bass notes give the films the full rich three-dimensional effects which make them come alive. The size of the subwoofer is measured in inches and will impact the price. A 10-inch subwoofer will be cheaper than a 12-inch one.

There are two main types of subwoofer available, active and passive. Active subwoofers are more expensive, but they offer better performance. Passive subwoofers are less expensive, but they require an amplifier to work.


The screen is another important piece of equipment in a home cinema setup. The cost of a screen will depend on the type, size and brand.

There are two main types of screen available, fixed and portable. Fixed screens are more expensive, but they offer a better image quality. Portable screens are less expensive, but they are not as good for image quality.

The room size will obviously have some impact on the screen size and needs to be proportional to the room for the best experience.

Home Cinema Screen


The acoustics of the room also plays a role in determining the price of your home theatre system. . If you have paid for an expensive surround sound setup and the best home cinema seating you don’t want your acoustics ruining the movie theatre experience.

The size of the room will also dictate how much acoustic treatment will be required to achieve the best sound quality. Changing the acoustics of a large room will cost more than changing the acoustics of a small room. home cinema that has poor acoustics will not provide the same level of sound quality as one with better acoustics.

Getting The Best out of your Money

With many elements to look at from sound systems and big screens to acoustic sound boards and cinema seating, it can be difficult to know where best to spend your money.

If you’re looking to create the ultimate home cinema experience, it’s important to plan and design your space in advance. By taking into account all of the different costs and factors involved, you can create a dedicated room that will give you the best visual and acoustic results. 

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