The Evolution of Cinema Seating

Film has been a massive part of our society for so long, that it can be easy to forget the history of cinema. The earliest films were introduced back in the early 1890s, starting off as short snippets of film before becoming minutes long and then eventually much longer, consisting of several different shots. In America, the first cinema was opened in 1905 by two men named John P. Harris and Harry Davis in Pittsburgh. They called it ‘Nickelodeon’, and by 1908 there were thousands of ‘Nickelodeons’ across North America.

Closer to home, however, the first European cinema was opened in Paris in the 19th century by Antoine Lumière in 1895. After this, cinema then moved to London’s Regent Street in 1896 before opening up more and more throughout the UK before becoming commonplace in the 20th century.

Cinema Seating – The Early Years

For many years, the comfort of cinemas wasn’t up to much – very early on there were merely rows of wooden seats placed in front of a large screen in a dark, wooden and smoky environment. Over time, these seats were covered in cushions or padding to offer more comfort. Nowadays, however, there are so many options when it comes to cinema seating when designing your very own home cinema.

With the level of comfort available to kit your home entertainment room out, you don’t need to worry about sitting on an unpadded, wooden seat for hours on end.

Don’t Step Back in Time with Your Seating

The old fashioned style of a 19th or even 20th-century movie theatre can spark up a lot of nostalgia and inspire a theme for a home cinema renovation or installation. But you don’t want to step back in time when it comes to comfort. The most important aspect of your home cinema (apart from the big screen) is the seating you choose, as you want to be as comfy as possible to enjoy the full experience.

Yes, the old fashioned style can be a real talking point, but there’s a reason that home cinema seating has adapted into more comfortable places to sit over the past 20 years, and that’s because you don’t want to be perched on a hard wooden seat while you immerse yourself in a three-hour movie.

Cinema Seating Through the Centuries

19th Century – When seating for the theatre was first introduced, it tended to be hard wooden benches that were there to cram as many viewers onto as possible. These benches were rarely covered in fabric as this was seen to be a fire hazard as smoking in cinemas was a common past time while watching a movie.

20th Century – By the time the 20th century came around, cinemas had adopted a more robust approach to seating. Some would say the style was art deco, but the cast iron structures meant that the seats were durable and the fact that they folded was ideal for people wanting to get in and out of an aisle.

21st Century – In more recent years, cinema seating has improved for the better. For a start, smoking is no longer allowed within theatres or any public places for that matter, so the comfort factor has been increased massively. There are now so many types of home cinema seating on the market that no matter who you invite to enjoy a film in your very own entertainment room, they will be able to relax and feel at home.

Increase in Comfort

Over the years, home cinema seating options have become far more comfortable than ever before. In addition, they are also somewhat interactive. Depending on what type of entertainment or media room you want to install, you can choose seating that’s there to be used to watch film and TV or designed to work best for gaming.

Moving on from the traditional lazy boy and gaming seats that have been commonplace in many gaming rooms across the world, there are now fully-inclusive gaming couches that have it all. There is now the ability to experience a fully immersive system that offers incredible 3D seat motion. These intricate and sophisticated seating systems are intrinsically linked directly with your game and move in time with the on-screen action so that you really feel a part of the game.

Modern Day Seating

Nowadays, the seating available for your home entertainment room is almost limitless – you can choose any type of couch, seat, recliner, day bed or cinema sofa you desire. Some kinds of seating even come with different functionalities such as food and drink holders, volume controls, and the ability to recline. There really is something for everyone when it comes to both budget and style.

It doesn’t matter if you’re wanting a new home cinema room or renovating an existing one, the world is your oyster when it comes to seating, and there really is something to suit everyone.

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29th May 2019
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