Control4 Home Automation: A review by Finite Solutions

If you’re interested in smart home technology or seriously considering upgrading your home to a fully automated smart home, you may have heard of Control4 home automation systems.

Control4, headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, has been working on smart home automation since 2003. They’ve become a market leader in the industry and manufacture one of the most popular smart home automation systems out there right now. In this article, Finite Solutions reviews Control4’s home automation package and capabilities.

If your idea of smart home automation is simply programming Alexa or Google Assistant to turn on a few lamps, then this review might not be for you. Control4 is a bespoke product and service that is installed by professional installers such as Finite Solutions and their products won’t be found on the high street. If you’re serious about fully automating your home or new-build with this bespoke hardware and software, then Control4 will certainly be one to consider.

Control4’s Home Automation Capabilities

Control4’s smart home capabilities, like other smart home automation systems, allows home owners to control the many elements of their home:

  • Lighting – set up lighting and shades sequences for different rooms using triggers such as time of day or motion detection
  • Heating – greater control over the temperature in every room of the house
  • Audio – Multi-room audio that links to your chosen sound system and allows you to switch between different audio apps and players
  • Visual – access Prime TV, Netflix and more all from one system and see what is playing in every room
  • Security – link the system to security features throughout the house including doorbells and security cameras

Whilst these capabilities are common across most smart home automation systems, it’s the way in which Control4 does this that sets it above its competitors, in many aspects.

Do it your way with Control4

An essential part of any home automation system is the controller. The great thing about Control4 is that they understand that not everyone interacts with technology in the same way. Some people want to operate their Control4 home automation system with a touchscreen whilst others want voice control with their preferred virtual assistant. Control4’s openness, great compatibility and brilliant user experience allow for this to happen.

Sometimes the way you interact with technology depends on what you’re doing and what you’re used to. A remote control is a great way to control the elements of your smart home, particularly entertainment such as TV and music as well as lighting.

Dedicated touch panels allow for a more in-depth approach to controlling the home. You can get 7-inch or 10-inch touchscreen panels that can be wall-mounted or placed in key locations around the home. Whether that’s on your living room coffee table or in the kitchen, you can keep the tablets somewhere convenient for you.

Control4 home automation also offers an Android and iOS app for your smartphone so that you can interact with your smart home when you’re out of the home or just out of reach from your other controllers. This is a valuable benefit as it allows users to prepare lights or heating in advance or check security when away from the home.

Control4 users can also benefit from bespoke wall keypads that can be connected to the lighting system, throughout the house. The keypads offer multiple lighting scenes are the push of a button. This off-screen simplicity is a great alternative to locating lighting scenes within the app.

With multiple ways of operating the home, we believe Control4 is one of the most accommodating systems in this respect. They seem to have every method covered for interacting with the home automation system.

Control panel


Regardless of how you’re controlling your home, the Control4 operating system is quite intuitive, bringing together all of your device controls under one app. We find the interface to be one of the easiest to use and navigation will be very familiar for regular smartphone users.

The software allows you to prioritise your most important rooms, apps and devices as well as easy access to your settings so you can make changes. The mobile app is also refined for smaller screens and fluid gestures, making it easy to swipe between rooms quickly and adjust your settings or activate sequences.

Remotes, touchscreens and the mobile app are all interconnected and will also link up to your TV screens so that you can do things such as check the doors are locked and the movie lights are activated before selecting a TV streaming service. The whole Control4 experience is very fluid and elements such as entertainment, security, lighting overlap seamlessly.


In addition to understanding the different ways in which people choose to interact with smart home technology, Control4 also understands that people have preferences when it comes to other devices and systems. This is one of Control4’s strengths and it’s where they have a great advantage over other home automation systems.

Control4 home automation is compatible with over 16,000 third-party consumer devices and that number is growing all the time. Your device options are less limited with Control4 and you’re able to mix and match third-party devices without worrying so much about their compatibility. Not only that, but we believe it makes choosing the Control4 system easier and lets you to create for yourself a unique and customised smart home experience.


As accredited smart home installers (including Control4 Gold Status) we’ve worked with Control4 home automation on many projects. Along with its compatibility with 16,000 third-party devices, we also find its scalability to be a highly important benefit. Control4 is one of the smart home systems that works well regardless of whether it is installed in a small home or large estate.

Control4 Support

Control4 is backed by an excellent support team of experts, should you have any issues with your smart home automation system. Control4, or more often dealers such as Finite Solutions, can access the system remotely so that upgrades, maintenance or troubleshooting can be carried out more conveniently.

A Worthy Investment

Control4 home automation can be a heavy investment into your home, but this is true for all high-quality home automation providers. We believe a Control4 system is worth it because for a similar investment, it offers you a much more versatile system, due to its compatibility, scalability and ease of use. At the same time, it’s infrastructure setup allows for remote work to be carried out and keep your smart home functioning.

Reputation is Everything

Our Client Testimonials Speak For Themselves...

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  • “Support has always been key to me as things do go wrong from time to time and the service we receive from Finite has always been first class and that provides us with the peace of mind that allows us to enjoy the systems capabilities every day.”

    Rob Dwell – Leeds

  • “The security system implemented by Finite Solutions is invaluable and the whole family feel safe in the new house which was something we were nervous about achieving. All the toys and cinema room etc installed at the same time are great but feeling secure is essential and the early warning systems in the garden than alert us BEFORE someone breaks in was worth every penny”

    Home owner - Surrey on Thames

  • “This was the room in the house that I was most excited about but also least clear on where to start. Demonstrations, design, hand holding and the reassurance of previous projects made us feel comfortable with Finite Solutions ability to deliver the solution we wanted and they have delivered superbly. Beyond making time for demonstrations and signing off the design and overall cost in the first couple of months I have been able to leave the whole project to Finite and we are delighted with the finished room and the picture and sound quality which are simply amazing. Thank you.”

    Collin Smith - Worchester

  • “A company I can rely on to look after my clients best interests and persevere during the later stages of a project when everyone is under pressure to ultimately produce complex large scale systems that perform well and add value to my clients experience of their new homes”

    David McCormack - Studio Map Architects – Harrogate /London

  • “The lighting design was very key to the projects success and we felt we were in a safe pair of hands dealing with Finite especially as they were also involved with the wider smart home system and were responsible for the smart lighting control so it meant services were tied in to a single package which was easier for us to manage. Ultimately the lighting has delivered exceptionally well and added the value we expected to the finished project”

    Ali Berktanin (Clients Representative / Estate Manager – Chelsea)