High Quality Service Since 2003

Since our conception in 2003 Finite Solutions have continued to steadily grow into one of the largest and most successful custom installation companies in the UK.

We achieve this by providing exceptional customer service and delivering outstanding projects within budget, that deliver beyond our clients’ expectations.

Our Milestones


York Office and Show Home opened to expand our ability to deliver our services in the North Yorkshire area.


Finite Solutions grows even stronger with now a team of 30.


Our brand new Cheshire office aims at offering unparalleled service to even more UK households in the north west.


Our first office in the capital brings advanced household technologies to London customers.


Our first show house, a renovated property in Yeadon, Leeds sets a brand new milestone in demonstrating the capabilities of Smart Homes and Bespoke Home Cinemas to our clients.


Three friends from Leeds University; Simon Mathieson, Oliver Lisles and Morgan Barke start Finite Solutions kindled by their common passion for music, films and computing.

Company starts doing installation services for Hi-Fi shop Image Audio in Leeds.