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An award-winning inspiration for your smart home.

Featuring a dedicated bespoke cinema room, multi-room audio, media room, smart home automation and remote gate entry control, our Leeds show house provides the ideal atmosphere for you to experience the benefits of a smart home.

Welcome to award-winning Finite Solutions show house in Leeds.

A design minded media lounge.

Lounge room features intricate details that will blend modern technologies with design features. Cover art for the in-wall Artcoustic speakers, a marble fireplace and column statues ensure your lounge experience is in comfort.

A smart kitchen with a focus on convenience.

Crestron home automation system offers the most simplistic interface on a touchscreen to enable control of all heating, lighting, security, gate control and entertainment options throughout the house; right in your kitchen with only few taps.

Music lounge for high-end audio experiences.

Multi-room audio distribution makes music enjoyable throughout the house with in-ceiling speakers. Hi-fi lounge by Linn builds up to this seamless experience to offer the true sound quality with surround speakers.

A bespoke cinema room for true big-screen.

Our dedicated cinema room highlights the grand transformation of our living spaces for the better. This bespoke home cinema completely overhauls the once a damp cellar into a entertainment hub with cinema-quality seating, immersive audio and numerous content sources. Cinema-level entertainment, available right in your home.

Smart home features to enhance your lifestyle.

Home automation systems enable you better ways to enjoy your life at home, or even away.
Through touchscreens around the house, you can adjust heating, lighting and music playing in each room. You can also remotely control door entry when you are on holiday, make sure the lights are all off and have a peace of mind.

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