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Smart Home Security Systems

Maintain the security of your home with ease

Keep an Eye on Your Property From Anywhere in the World

Providing piece of mind for our clients, Finite Solutions provide a range of services and solutions to enhance your homes security, from CCTV systems, to gate and door access control through to advanced perimeter security solutions giving you advanced warning of an intruder before they get close to your home.

Our bespoke Crestron touch screen solutions allow us to provide the enhanced security mentioned above but also integrate with you primary burglar alarm system. Finite Solutions are one of only a handful of companies with an insurer approved module to integrate you burglar alarm in to your smart home system.

Advanced CCTV Systems

CCTV systems comprising discrete external and internal cameras and a DVR, or hard drive recording system, will provide round-the-clock monitoring of your home, allowing you to check the safety of your property and grounds from any TV screen in the house or via your iPad or iPhone from anywhere in the world.

Looking at CCTV systems in their most basic form, at the very least the presence of cameras act as a deterrent letting any would be intruder aware they are being watched and recorded, with the intention they will simply move on.

Secure, Simple To Use Gate and Door Control

Simple to use systems which allow you to speak to visitors at your entrance gates or front door and open them at the touch of a button.

For larger propertys the traditional ugly white phone box on the wall in the entrance hall to provide control of your gates is seldom a desirable, attractive or a very functional proposition.

We provide solutions that will allow you to speak to and open your entrance gates throughout the house from a variety of easy to use, stylish controllers. From an intelligent telephone system throughout the house, which simultaneously shows CCTV images on all TV screens to integrated in-wall touch screens that operate your gates, show CCTV images and provide simple to use control over your music and TV systems means you never miss a visitor whether you are in the house or garden.

Secure Remote Access

From time to time should a visitor arrive at your home when you are not in the house, our smart systems will allow you to use your iPhone to look at the CCTV to check who is there, open the gate with a simple press on the screen and even open the front door to let them into the house.

With our bespoke Crestron App and Control4 App we can provide you with complete control over the heating, gate entry, lighting, music and TV systems all from your iPhone from anywhere in the world as long as you have Wi-Fi or 3G signal!



We take pride in the tremendous creativity, quality and functionality we put on our home cinema installations. Many of our projects has been awarded by the leading home improvement bodies.


Our tailored solutions offer you a wide range of options to choose from. With customisable seating, lighting, sound and AV options; you will get exactly what you want.


Unlike other AV companies, we offer complete home cinema solutions from scratch, thanks to the extensive portfolio of professionals we work with. Let us worry about logistics, you enjoy your home cinema system.


Finite Solutions offers the most extensive service options to cover any problems with your system before, during and after installation from our UK-wide offices in London, Leeds and Cheshire.

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