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Smart Home Heating

Are there any prerequisites for existing heating systems?

No, smart heating is incredibly flexible and can easily be integrated into a smart home system. It can be installed into almost any existing heating and water system with very little disruption.

How is smart heating controlled?

Heating and hot water are controlled with a simple wall mounted or table top thermostat. Rooms with different heating zones, e.g underfloor heating, have additional thermostats giving you complete control. Each thermostat is connected to your wifi and smart controller so you can use an app to turn the heating on and off whenever and wherever you want.

How long does smart heating installation take?

As with all smart home technology, installation times vary. It depends on the complexity of the project and the type of fit i.e as part of a retro-fit or a brand new home.

A single thermostat and boiler controller for a standard 3 bed semi typically takes less than a day to install.

Larger properties with multiple underfloor heating zones and smart control systems have longer installation timeframes.

Can it help save energy or money?

Smart heating systems give you greater control of your home’s temperature. Multi-zone heating allows you to control the temperature of individual rooms so infrequently used rooms can have lower temperatures. What’s more as you can control your heating from an app, you can adjust to weather temperature and save money.



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