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‘What Lies Beneath’ Bespoke Home Cinema in London

WINNER of the CEDIA 2014 Awards in the ‘Best Home Cinema £40K-£100K’ Category!

“An unused basement room is converted into a bespoke home cinema with high-end performance features and simplistic design.”

Project Location: London
Project Cost: £80,000
Categories: Bespoke Home Cinema
Awards: Best Home Cinema £40,000 to £100,000 by CEDIA

For many homeowners, spare rooms such as basements and attics represent a great opportunity to discover new entertainment features and increase the value of the property. Home cinemas are often considered as a great solution for transforming unused spaces. Our client, who wanted to convert his unused basement room, had exactly wanted such a solution. And the basement room was the ideal place for our client to create a unique and truly immersive big screen experience in his home.

Basement Home Cinema Design

Two primary requirements of this basement home theatre project was a large cinema screen that does not sacrifice the picture quality and plenty of storage space. To achieve this, a 3.3m wide dropdown projector screen was installed, which could be hidden away into the ceiling at the touch of a button when unnecessary. The acoustically transparent properties of the cinema screen also covered the in-wall speakers behind while still letting through high quality audio.

The 7-piece seating for this home cinema solution was intelligently installed in a tiered format in two rows. This tiered format would allow perfect viewing angles from every seat. Fully reclinable seating was specifically customised to achieve the best bespoke media room performances with ultimate comfort. The suede wall coverings and the leather finish of the seats compliment each other really well, bringing the colour tone and the overall aesthetic of the room together.

A joinery at the rear of the room hosted the JVC 3D projector which created the perfect image quality on the big screen. The shelving within this joinery would also host frequently used peripherals such as gaming console and Bluray player; allowing easy access for changing disks.

Lighting is a significant player in creating the ultimate home theatre environment. Lighting features such as star capsule lamp fitted randomly dotted across the ceiling create an interesting lighting effect. Wall lights and cabinet lights make up the rest of the lighting in the room. The lighting control system we installed, called Lutron Grafik Eye, allows presetting lighting scenes to be easily accessed and adjusted to complement the activity. Automated blinds were also installed on the walkover skylights in the ceiling and integrated with the cinema and lighting control.

Immersive Entertainment

In order to enjoy a wide range of content options on the big screen, our client requested multiple content sources to be installed. Sky HD, Apple TV, Bluray player and PS4 game console was installed to provide our client with an expansive content library. The content from these sources would mainly be used by the family for watching films, quality TV series and sporting events.

A selection of in-ceiling, in-wall speakers and a subwoofer from Bowers & Wilkins were installed to create an immersive surround sound system to definitively deliver fantastic sound quality to match the big screen imagery. All the system electronics would be hosted at the main AV rack located in the hidden compartment.

Considering the vast amount of electronics involved in this project, a simple and convenient central control system was installed. URC Universal Remote was programmed to supply the simplest control interface to manage all aspects of the content sources, lighting and entertainment.

Client Reaction

Our client is extremely pleased with his bespoke cinema room. He has commented on how good the system performance is and how simple the solution is to control.

‘The whole family enjoy movie nights in the cinema and we love watching rugby matches on the big screen. The screen is huge and the picture quality is amazing, exactly what I wanted. The cinema seats are excellent, they are really comfortable and the finish is superb!’

Our clients loves the cinema and has indicated that he would like to add a Kaleidescape movie server to the system in the near future.

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