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U2 Can Have a Home Cinema Like This in London

“The picture quality is great, the screen is nice and big and really looks the part once it has extended down from the ceiling. Music sounds great on the system and Sonos makes it so simple to find what I want to listen to.”

Project Location: London
Project Year: 2014
Project Cost: £80,000
Categories: Home Cinema, Lighting Control

Repurposing spare rooms, basements or attics for entertainment purposes is a particularly popular option for limited space locations such as London. This was exactly what our client wanted to achieve with his basement room; to create a bespoke home cinema system.

One of the fundamental requirements for this project was smart use of the space. Our client wanted to use this room not only for multimedia entertainment, but also for socialising. It created the need to design the cinema room unobtrusively in every sense. The cinema room had to be unobtrusive in every sense. A key feature to achieve this was to design individual elements so that they can be hidden away when not in use.

Using Drop Down Projector and Cinema Screen

Considering the challenge proposed to make smart use of the room real estate, the solution was rather clever. Custom made elements in the home cinema enabled our client to hide away key components of his home cinema at the touch of a button. The projector was mounted on a ceiling lift, which would hide away the projector in the ceiling. The cinema screen was also mounted with an electric lift.

The ceiling mounted components are absolutely functional to use. When our client want to kick back with a film and relax, at the push of a button, both the cinema screen and projector would drop down within seconds.

Mood Lighting for the Best Atmosphere

In order to create a truly unique atmosphere in home cinemas, lighting plays a big role. The multifunctional purpose of this room required different lighting scenes for different activities.

A mixture of wall lights, down lighters, up lighters and LED strips gave this room a striking lighting design and a really special atmosphere. Lutron Grafik Eye controller allows multiple lighting scenes to be created. The mood lighting scenes are custom-designed based on our client’s preferences, so he will have the correct lighting for any purpose.

Advanced Audio Performance

To deliver the audio performance required, Bowers&Wilkins in-wall speakers were preferred. The in-wall speakers were placed behind the cinema screen, which is acoustically transparent. This allowed speakers to be hidden behind the screen. The in-ceiling speakers also helped create true surround sound without cluttering the interior of the room.

A unique feature of this project is the wall covering with special fabric. This detail not only creates a stunning look for the room, but also serves two very important functions: Improving the sound quality by dampening the room, and acting as a ambient light absorber to create deeper blacks and richer colours on screen.

Multimedia Options

Our client wanted to reach entertainment options from multiple resources. Therefore we incorporated different components such as Kaleidescape Cinema One movie server, Sky HD box, Marantz Bluray player, Apple TV and Sonos.

These options created a system with excellent characteristics which can be enjoyed both in HD and in 3D.

Control4 Home Automation

The high amount of components involved in the project created a big challenge of efficiently controlling everything with ease. Thankfully Control 4 is the best solution that provides a simple universal system that allows controlling all aspects of the system; including drop down projector and screen, lighting and multimedia sources. iPad support for Control 4 also gives our client extra options to control the system in comfort.

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