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The Ultimate Sophistication in Manchester

“The ease of use makes this system complement perfectly with the simplistic theme in the house.”

Project Location: Manchester
Project Cost: £125,000
Categories: Smart Home Automation, Lighting Control
Awards: Best Lighting Project of 2015 by SVI Magazine

This project has been awarded as The Best Lighting & Lighting Control Installation in 2015 by SVI Magazine.

An example of great dedication by Finite Solutions to perfection, our cooperation with both the client and client’s interior designer helped get this project off to a great start, and a magnificent finish.

A Story of Simples

Technology is often considered as an anti-thesis of simplistic design, with the images of large metallic boxes and domination of cables reminding us of interiors rich in clutter. However, we are moving towards an era where design is the epicentre of tech innovations, to bring technology to an invisible level where only the convenience and benefits matter.

One Stop Home Automation

The mutual requirement from both the client and the interior designer was that any system installed had to be unobtrusive to the interior decor. Consistency of the design had to remain intact with every single electronic component of the system.

The focus point of the system was home automation, provided by URC. The preferred Total Control system offered a fantastic product range, including music distribution, surround AVR and remotes. The possibility of controlling the system with iPad or iPhone also allowed a much smoother control of the entire system.

Another key requirement was the implementation of the security system in this home automation setup, where client would have easy access to monitoring his security features. A data network that provides full-house Wi-Fi network throughout the house would also be needed to enable our client to conduct business from with no problems.

Lighting of Fascination

Lighting plays an extraordinary role highlighting the design features in home and crowning the exact ambiance tones the interior designer wanted to reflect.

Lutron lighting system used for this project, which blends in perfectly with the home automation system, offer the smartest way to light up interiors. In addition to uncluttered wall keypads they provide, Lutron lighting also works through the home automation, allowing you to turn on/off specific lights in your home with ease.

The simplicity of the lighting system implemented show true colours of home automation: When implemented correctly, a perfect and revolutionary example of better lifestyle at home.

Performance Features

To allow for advanced security with easy control, a security system with CCTV, gate control and intruder system interconnects with the property. This allows remote monitoring and control of the property while the occupants are away.

Full house WiFi coverage is an essential part of connectivity, especially for our client’s work-from-home times. Therefore we installed a reliable wireless network that connects every room in the house without any dead spots.

On the entertainment side, our client wanted a good quality surround experience, which was the perfect fit for the Artcoustic soundbar with ceiling speakers in the main TV room. Secondary media room sported Artcoustic modular system. The aesthetics of Artcoustic met absolutely every single requirement of interior designer to create an interior of harmony.

The main rack, hosted in the garage kept every individual electronics component dust-free, away from the eyes. The fully enclosed Middle Atlantic rack did a great job keeping all the components dry and safe. The Wyrestorm HDMI distribution system makes sure the AV distribution throughout the house is quick and reliable.

The Magic of Finite Show House

Following the proposal, our client was invited to our show room to experience a real-life vision of how his home automation would operate. Even though the client was initially sceptical about the complications behind undertaking such a complex system, following his visit and demonstration at our show room, he was absolutely keen on having a similar system in his house that is simplistic in mind and look.

The Finite Moment

The biggest challenge of this project was the objective of designing the system alongside the interior designer to ensure no elements in design, feel and finishes of the house is compromised. This allowed us to get creative with component selection to only specify parts that is both functional and design-wise complementary.

The outcome was a true example of how technology goes beyond providing function solely. Despite the tremendous amount of electronic components involved in the project, what was visible to the eye was a simplistic lifestyle in a pleasing decor with nice touches. Where it’s hard to differentiate where technology ends and decor begins.

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