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The Iconic View Media Room in London

Best Media Room Installation Experts in the UK, CEDIA Approved.
Finalist at CEDIA ’16 Awards in ‘Best Media Room over £15K’ category.

“Comfortable seating, scenic interior, a sophisticated media system and a bar. This room has a lot to offer for bespoke home entertainment!”

Project Location: London
Project Cost: £20,000
Categories: Bespoke Home Cinema

Our client had purchase a fantastic new build town house off plan and was very keen to create a media room in his basement. The designers of the house had already earmarked one of the basement rooms to be a potential media room and the client wanted us to design and install his dream media room.

The client had many ideas on the aesthetics and finish of the room though he wanted our expertise to design a system ideal for him and his family and for the technology to be in keeping with his exquisite new home. He was also very keen to use a large top of the range curved TV as the display device rather than a projection system which we agreed was the right choice for the room and how he would use the room.

We met with the client to drill down into the detail and understand exactly what he wanted to achieve. We listened carefully to his brief and explained the type of solutions we normally provide and what our recommendation for his media room would be. Our client was very happy to hear we could satisfy all of his requirements with many added benefits. He was also delighted to hear that we could make the system very easy to control, have lots of functionality and great quality whilst keeping the bulk of the hardware out sight and only carefully chosen and aesthetically pleasing products on show.

We also explained that we could work closely with the great team of tradesmen he had already appointed to work on other areas of the house to do the necessary joinery, electrics and decorating required to deliver the media room. Detailed plans and documentation would be produced to facilitate the building of the media room and we would project manage the works they carried out for us in the media room.

Media Room Design

Our client had certain areas that were a must have in his media room. These included using a large curved TV as the display and having the ability to watch Sky HD TV, French Satellite TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Blu- ray & DVD and Freeview TV as a backup. Having 2 rows of comfortable reclining seats and ensuring the audio produced by the cinema system was isolated from the rest of the house as much as possible were also crucial requirements. The system was to have all of this functionality whilst at the same time being very easy to control. The system had to deliver impressive audio visual performance yet be quite discreet and have the pieces of technology on show blend into the aesthetics of the room. The client was also very keen to cover the rear wall of the media room with a large image of Tower Bridge, his favourite iconic view of London.

We designed a 7.1 surround sound system for this project to ensure both rows of viewers in the media room would have a great experience in terms of the audio performance. Placement of the surround speakers near the front row of viewers was quite challenging as the speakers would be on the side walls were the steps and access up onto the rear seating tier was. This was a concern as we did not want any one walking past these speakers to bump into them. We were able to get around this issue by mounting the speakers on their horizontal axis higher up the wall and tilting them back down towards the front row thus keeping the physically out of the way whilst maintain their effectiveness.

To ensure the cinema systems audio performance was as isolated from the rest of the house and neighbours as possible we specified the excellent Maxi board product and had the joiners clad the wall of the media room with this.

Media Room Control

Our engineers and programmers were able to hide all of the hardware in a dedicated equipment rack in a cupboard space off to the side of the media room and give the client full and simple system control from one dedicated universal remote and iPad/iPhone app if desired. We also integrated Lutron lighting control in the room so scenes of lighting could be created for different viewing scenarios and room uses.

The lighting scenes can be recalled from the Lutron wall keypad and from the remote control and certain scenes are automatically recalled when certain commands are made to the cinema system, when a movie is paused the lighting will automatically turn to the ‘intermission’ scene so the viewers in the room have increased lighting to walk over and answer the phone for example.

As the display is a high quality TV this means the room can be used in any level of light and means watching sports or general TV is well catered for without having to go for a full on darkened ‘cinema’ lighting scene whenever you want to enjoy the system, as is more common/necessary with projection based systems. We also integrated an enterprise level data network and WiFi solution so streamed media works fast and reliably and this basement media room has excellent WiFi coverage.

Differentiating Features

We believe this project is worthy of recognition as we were able to deliver a fantastic media room solution to our client meeting all of his requirements and comprised of many of the best products available on the market, properly considered and integrated together following Cedia’s guide lines and best practices. The finished article delivers many more features and benefits than he was expecting or knew were possible.

The aesthetics of the room are also great in my opinion, the room looks great and is a very comfortable and calm place to be. The ceiling colour and seating colour match very closely and they are beautifully contrasted with the light coloured and luxurious carpet. The piece de resistance in terms of the aesthetics for me is the wall sized image of Tower Bridge. It gives the room another focal point and the Lutron controlled led strip lighting in the coffer above the image makes it look like the lighting in the room is illuminating Tower Bridge, our client loves this.

Client Verdict

The client and his family love the room and use it often, movie nights and marathon TV boxset watching have become the norm. The client has said ‘It’s fantastic, we love it’ ‘The picture and sound quality are so impressive’ and ‘I love the Lutron lighting, especially the way it looks like it is lighting up Tower Bridge’. The client is so happy with the media room we deliverd he has actually appointed us to do some similar work for him in his other home in France.

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