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Hata Smart Home in Hampshire

“Control4 home automation system provides whole-house control for security, entertainment and lighting options.”

Project Location: Hampshire
Project Year: 2013
Project Cost: £300,000
Categories: Smart Home Automation, Lighting Control, Multi Room Audio Video, Home Cinema

A Smart Kind of Home

From the beginning of our interaction, our client had one thing in mind; delivering delivering high quality and reliable technology solutions for each area at home. Every unique technology had to be simply integrated to create a whole house smart home. A home that saves time, energy.

Having a whole house smart home automation system has to bring together control for a variety of areas; including a stunning dedicated home theatre room, seamless wireless audio video distribution, lighting control system, heating control, home security and entry to his wine cellar. The client envisaged a stunning dedicated home cinema room, high quality multi-room audio visual, lighting and temperature control, CCTV, gate entry and automation of the entrance to his wine cellar.

System Solution

Smart Control – All aspects of what our client wanted from his technology were scrutinised to ensure the solution we provided would deliver everything he wanted and more. After a thorough breakdown of his requirements we concluded that Control4 was the best option as the master control interface for our client and his project. All the audio visual systems, lighting, heating, CCTV, gate entry and automation in the house would be commanded and managed from Control4, thus unifying all the technology and allowing simple control from anywhere in the home.

To provide our client and his family with ample coverage for control, we installed twelve Control4 in-wall touch panels to ensure they are never far from a control interface anywhere in their large property. We used Control4 portable touch panels in the cinema room and in the lounge to allow for easy control when you are sitting down watching a movie or relaxing in these rooms. All the other rooms of the house with TVs have a Control4 hard button remote control for easy control when seated. In these rooms the same Control4 interface you see on the touch panels is visible on the TV screens allowing the user to easily monitor and command any aspect of the home’s systems. This is all backed up with Apple control apps so any iPad or iPhone in the home can access Control4 and operate the system.

This provides the perfect overall control solution for the home – one simple interface, with different controllers spread throughout the home can command all the technology in the house.

Audio Visual Systems

Dedicated Home Cinema Room

Our client wanted to create his dream Home Cinema in the room above his double garage. The picture quality, sound quality and functionality had to be truly exceptional and our client wanted all the latest technologies available to be incorporated in his dream system.

During the discussions with our client we outlined what the latest technologies could bring to his system and the levels of quality and functionality we would recommend to create a cinema that would always deliver for him and delight him and his family time and again. These discussions included not only the audio visual performance of the cinema but all the other factors that must be considered when building a dedicated home cinema. Everything from lighting effects and blinds automation, to room aesthetics and specialist seating were considered to arrive at the solution that would deliver our client’s dream cinema.

For the display side of the cinema system, Finite Solutions specified the mighty Runco LS-12D projector with the CineGlide anamorphic lens upgrade. The image is projected on a Screen Research Supreme Series fixed screen with automatic electric masking. This means the projector and screen will automatically change to the right size (‘aspect ratio’) depending on the film or media that is playing, thus providing the best picture and avoiding the black bars you often see at the top and bottom of the screen in many home cinemas. This screen is also acoustically transparent, allowing all the front speakers to be concealed behind the screen.

Our client has a huge collection of DVDs and Blu-Rays so we suggested a Kaleidescape movie server system as the best solution for storage and playback. Now when anyone in the house wants to watch a movie they no longer have to go and find the physical disc, they simply press ‘watch’, then ‘Kaleidescape’ and on screen they will see a special graphic interface allowing them to find any movie from their collection in seconds. There are also no trailers when you playback movies from Kaleidescape which is a great feature, simply press play and you are straight into the movie.

This is supplemented with a high-end Oppo Blu-Ray player so 3D movies can be enjoyed and exceptional quality from CDs is available if desired. Sky HD, Apple TV and Sonos are available in the cinema, all of which bring a wealth of content to the system.

A high-end Sherbourne AV processor and multichannel power amplifier are the heart of the cinema system and deliver outstanding performance and functionality. These drive a high-end Procella Audio 9.2 surround sound speaker set up.

This combination of products results in a hugely immersive movie experience. Whether you are watching a tense scene in a thriller with little audio, or the battle scenes in Saving Private Ryan, you are completely captivated by the movie and right there in the moment!

Multi-Room Audio Visual System

Our client wanted to have several sources of media available to enjoy in the cinema and also in numerous rooms around the house. This included the Kaleidescape movie server, 4 Sky HD boxes (to allow different channels to be watched in different rooms simultaneously), a Blu-ray player, an Apple TV and a Sonos music system. The goal was to have all of this technology hidden away yet be easily accessible from any connected room in the house. To deliver this we used two equipment racks to house all of the AV components in a dedicated storage cupboard space. This became the main hub for all the equipment. All the services are then distributed out around the home and Control4 allows you to select and control whatever you want in the hub location. We specified a High Definition 8 input/8 output video matrix switch. This allows the client to have all eight HD video sources available to be enjoyed independently in eight connected rooms of the house. For example, one person can be watching a movie from Kaleidescape in the cinema whilst someone else is watching Sky in the lounge and someone else is watching Apple TV in their bedroom, all at the same time.

For music there are sixteen audio zones throughout the house. These are made up of pairs of in-ceiling speakers driven by Arcam amplifiers. Sonos is the source for this making all the family’s digital music, internet radio and music subscription services available throughout the property at the touch of a button.


The lighting control in the home is a Rako digital dimming system. This allows us to switch and dim any light circuit in the property to our client’s specification and also allows us to create pre-programmed ‘scenes’ of lighting for specific tasks and occasions. This is a fantastic feature to have and it is incredibly valuable in certain rooms of the house, such as the cinema room or lounge for example. Finite solutions programmed different lighting scenes to suit the activity of the client and his family – wether they watching TV, movies, sport, reading or listening to music. In every area of the house the lighting can be controlled from the local Rako wall keypad or from any Control4 interface. Having a whole house lighting system with smart control not only improves the quality of life for the users it also saves lots of energy as many circuits are dimmed using less power and it is very easy to manage the lighting effectively and efficiently.


All the heating in the home is controlled by a Heatmiser thermostat. We integrated this technology with Control4 allowing temperatures for any room or area to be set, monitored and adjusted from any Control4 interface.


The CCTV system is integrated with Control4 allowing our client to watch all the cameras on any Control4 interface and on any television. Control4 also allows our client to see who is at the gate, talk with them via intercom, then remotely open the gate allowing entry to the grounds of the property.

End Result

Our client came to us with a clear vision of what he wanted. Throughout the project, we have listened, guided and advised on how best to achieve this vision. We are pleased to say that on many occasions, our client has conveyed to us that we have delivered everything he wanted – and much more!

Our client thinks the AV performance and functionality is exceptional. This is especially true in his dedicated home cinema room where he is “very impressed” with the outstanding performance of the system.

Our client is delighted with his decision to integrate a whole house control system to simplify and unify all of the technology in his home. Knowing that his family can easily control every aspect of AV, heating, lighting and security from one control system from anywhere in the home is the ideal solution for him and he is thrilled we have delivered this.

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