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Bespoke Smart Home Security System in Yorkshire

“Latest smart home technologies transform this luxurious home with bespoke home automation security features for a peace of mind.”

Project Location: Yorkshire
Project Year: 2012
Project Cost: £250,000
Categories: Smart Home Automation, Integrated Home Security, Multi Room Audio Video, Home Cinema

After purchasing a new luxurious home our client wanted to greatly improve upon the existing basic entertainment system in the property to provide a comprehensive system to enhance his whole family’s enjoyment of the house and to give them peace of mind via a bespoke security solution protecting the house whilst they are at home or away.

Visiting our smart home showroom in Leeds has helped our client experience the added benefits of smart home systems with respect to improving security, convenience and entertainment at home.

A Home With Smarter Security

One of the most defining features of smart home automation is the enhanced security benefits it provides for homes. Integrated home security system can be automated to arm/disarm itself through the home automation controllers in the house. The controllers also provide view of the CCTV cameras and door entry system, allowing the homeowner to remotely open the door and let people in.

A perimeter heat detection system surrounded the property and warned our client whenever an intruder would get near the property by switching on the CCTV feed on TVs. The automation system would also turn on/off the lights and emailing the client when he is away.

The integration of the security system also extends beyond in-house control. Thanks to the bespoke security solutions, our client is able to monitor his home security remotely. Dedicated iPhone and iPad apps offer access to the home automation alarm system remotely. This provides an extra level of security and peace of mind for our client.

Multi-Room Entertainment System

On top of the smart security system, our smart home solution also packed many technologies that made entertainment a breeze for our client. The multi-room entertainment system offered our client the opportunity to enjoy all his favourite films, TV shows and music throughout the house with intelligent implementation of AV distribution.

Entertainment System

13 HD TV screens around the house could display content from 3 Sky boxes, Apple TV, Kaleidescape movie server and PC in full HD quality. The vast amount of content available at these content sources was a requirement by our client, which our system solved without sacrificing any performance.

A dedicated cinema room features acoustically improved walls, a 110″ cinema screen, surround sound and built-in bar to create the ultimate home cinema experience for homeowners.

Multi Room Music System

Music system consisted of iPad docs, Sonos and DAB radio. The easy control over the home automation system helped choose the right music and play it in multiple rooms at the same time. Upon selecting music the TV screens are instantly turned off and full control over the selected music provided directly via the clients iPad’s and iPhones.

In-ceiling speakers by B&W and Linn produced the perfect audio quality this smart home system deserved. The wide range of music sources available; such as Spotify, iTunes Store, TuneIn Radio; provide a very large music library for our client to enjoy at the touch of a button.

Lighting Control

The smart home features of the system are as impressive as the entertainment systems featuring full house Lutron lighting control allowing mood lighting control in all rooms and the properties grounds, plus integration with the security system to turn on all lights in the house via panic buttons and the perimeter security system.

Home Automation

The entire smart system is controlled by Crestron processors running Finite Solutions bespoke user interface on eight iPhones and iPad’s providing instant easy to use control over the entertainment, security and access to the property. Working in the same manor from inside the house as it does from anywhere in the world the family are always in control of their home.

To provide comfortable control of the main TV rooms additional hand held Crestron remote controls offer a simple solution to skipping through Sky TV channels without having to reach for you iPad.

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