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Cozy Farmhouse with Smart Features in Yorkshire

”150 year old rural retreat in Yorkshire gets a smart uplift with multi-room audio, bespoke home cinema and lighting system.”

Project Location: Yorkshire
Project Cost: £175,000
Categories: Smart Home Automation, Bespoke Home Cinema, Lighting Control
Awards: Best Integrated Home Finalist £100,000 to £250,000 by CEDIA

Hillsides of the Yorkshire Dales offer an extraordinary view of the surrounding countryside, providing their residents a rural retreat. Our client, who recently purchase a 150 years old barn and farmer’s cottage near Kingsley wanted to enhance his rural retreat with a complete makeover that would blend the old heritage of his farmhouse with a modern twist.

The modern twist would embed entertainment systems, HVAC, lighting, access control and security systems with a contemporary design. To accomplish this, the property required a structural refurbishment to contrive a design language that creates the feeling of rural luxury to comply with our client’s lifestyle.

Finite Solutions were involved at the earliest stage working with the architect, electrical and heating contractors and the client to provide full detailed 3D CAD drawings of equipment locations, cable risers and routes, cable schedules, comm’s room ventilation and management and complete structural, acoustic and interior design of the dedicated home cinema room.

The overall design phase of the project including the detailed engineering drawings required took our designers over 250 hours to complete, with immense attention to detail in venturing different decorating ideas for this country house.

Farmhouse Entertainment Centre

Our client’s request to transform this country house into a unique entertainment venue created an opportunity for us to incorporate fantastic AV technologies.

The unparalleled infrastructure allowed distribution of HD content from Sky, Kaleidescape, PC and Apple TV in multiple rooms without any quality loss. To achieve the perfect integration of technologies with the interior design, we utilised smart applications such as hiding the TV in the kitchen behind a painting when not in use.

For multi room audio distribution, we implemented multiple smartphone docks, that would allow our client to easily mount his iPhone and play his favourite tunes throughout the house.

The touch panels in the kitchen can be used to set up a party mode throughout the whole house giving you a very simple screen that allows you to select the music source, rooms to play in and volume levels for each area.

Farmhouse Becomes a Smart Farmhouse

Perhaps the biggest feature for the entertainment system in this rural retreat is the smart home automation system Crestron, which allows absolute comfort and convenience in controlling the household technologies. The touch screens, located in multiple rooms throughout the house, allow easy access to different control features in entertainment, HVAC, access and security.

The Crestron control system brought in many benefits for a more advanced lifestyle. Features such as lighting control, ability to view CCTV feeds on iPad/iPhone, gate access control for visitors and heating control was handled seamlessly by the Crestron system. The touch screens also enabled us to achieve contemporary design Having house-wide Crestron control system also helped us achieve the contemporary design our client wanted.

Remote accessibility for the Crestron smart home system was also absolutely essential and helpful for this farmhouse. Our client could remote into the house through a 3G connection whenever he is away and perform some functions to ready his country house for his arrival. Our client could access controls such as heating, blinds, lighting and security activation remotely.

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