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Finite Solutions Smart Show House in Leeds

“Our award-winning show house in Leeds offers a brand new smart home experience with a house full of high-end lifestyle technologies, designed to make life easier and more enjoyable for you.”

Project Location: Leeds, Yorkshire
Project Cost: £400,000
Completion Date: 2011
Categories: Smart Home Automation, Bespoke Home Cinema, Lighting Control
Awards: Best Showroom, by Cedia
Best Home Cinema under £40,000, by Cedia

Smart home automation is reshaping the way we live at home by offering a vast range of benefits. Yet it’s often difficult to differentiate what makes it so special. That’s why we created the Finite Solutions Smart Showroom in Leeds. This award-winning full house automation features technology in every room, designed to make our lives easier one button at at time.

Spanning across 4 floors and more than 10 rooms, this state-of-the-art showroom features a new smart home experience for everyone who is interested in technology for a better lifestyle.

True Multimedia Experience in All Formats

Every project represents a unique challenge for us to implement the home cinema and music experience in different formats; including dedicated spaces, room conversions and multi purpose rooms. Finite Solutions show house features 3 different cinema rooms and an audio lounge that demonstrate that any room can be transformed into a full-feature movie screen and music lounge.

High definition video and audio is distributed throughout the entire house from a centralised AV rack, tucked away safely in the utility room. This way, it’s important to enjoy all your TV shows, films and music in every room without having to carry around discs or cables.

Basement Conversion Cinema

Originally a damp cellar, our basement conversion home cinema features an 8feet projector screen, custom tiered seating and luxury lighting. Surround speakers built into walls and columns create that immersive audio visual experience you have never seen.

Artcoustic Lounge Cinema

For everyday cinema experience in a casual environment, we created the Artcoustic Lounge Cinema. This lounge cinema features original features such as marble fireplace and lattice ceiling that creates the familiar feeling of a living room. But behind the scenes; three on-wall Artcoustic speakers, a 52” plasma TV and Kaleidescape movie server transforms this living room into a performance beast media room for the entire family.

Hidden Cinema Room

As much as it is important to show the true power of home cinema, sometimes it’s also necessary to hide it. Our bespoke hidden cinema room does exactly that for multi-purpose rooms that easily be turned into a home cinema. Intelligent mechanisms automatically recess the TV back into the wall, hide the dropdown projector and conceal the in-ceiling speaker system to be completely unobtrusive. A regular living room with no signs of AV equipment can be activated with a single button to reveal all the equipment and dim the lights accordingly to create the movie atmosphere you’ll love to immerse.

Linn Hi-Fi Music Room

True music lovers prefer to have a dedicated room with high-end technologies, designed specifically to listen to the best tunes in the world, the way they were intended to be listened. Surround sound high quality music system by Linn in this room demonstrates the different high quality makes to enjoy the true tones of the music. High end music streamer give access to any size of a library.

Hidden TV in Bedrooms

All the bedrooms in our smart show house feature hidden TV mechanism that cleverly hide away the TVs when you don’t need them. Either as a picture lift behind a piece of artwork or as a pop up TV at the foot of the bed, hidden TV systems do not require any special considerations and can be custom designed to fit your needs.

Whole House Automation, Better Lighting

The biggest benefit of smart home is the opportunity it offers to centralise the control of the entire house. Connected devices such as entertainment options, security cameras, lighting fixtures and speakers can be monitored from simple-to-use interfaces. Crestron smart home automation system offers the ultimate simplicity to control your entire home.

Environmental and Cost Saving

A simple “all off switch” by the front door, as well as in the master bedroom, allows all the lights to be turned off with one button. This makes saving electricity easy, as no lights will be forgotten when going to bed or leaving the house. Also, running lights below 100% brightness using preset lighting “scenes” significantly increases lamp life and reduces electricity usage.


The lighting system learns the day-to-day lighting usage. Then selecting ‘holiday mode’ before going away plays back this usage pattern over the following weeks giving the impression that people are still at home. The lights can also be triggered to switch on key rooms when someone buzzes the entrance gate, and then turn off after a period of time, again staging that someone is in the property. The lights are linked to the alarm system, so when the alarm is triggered all the lights in the house turn on and off, alerting passers by that there are possible intruders.


Turning all the lights off with a single button when leaving the property saves time and hassle. In a four storey property of this size, this feature is particularly useful and also helps save on electricity bills.


Many of the rooms feature “mood lighting”. This creates distinct lighting moods within each room by mixing different levels of varying light types, for example lamps, wall sconces, spots, feature lighting, or colour changing LEDs. Different moods can be easily selected using the simple lighting switches on the wall, with 4 different scenes as well as a master dimmer.

The Finite Moment

Nowhere else in Britain is it possible in one place to experience so much of what our industry can offer. Our clients can see first hand not only the benefit of high performance equipment, but just as importantly they can see that this experience is not exclusive to the listening room or cinema.

Clients can see how this technology can seamlessly integrate into otherwise beautiful interiors, and allows them to create the environment they want, with the perfect combination of elements to suit their tastes.

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