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Rubis Attic Conversion Cinema in Surrey

“This cozy attic conversion bespoke home cinema features an anamorphic projector, offering cinema-like viewing experience.”

Project Location: Epsom, Surrey
Project Cost: £150,000
Categories: Bespoke Home Cinema
Awards: Best Home Cinema Finalist over £100,000 by CEDIA

Our client was keen to develop some unused space in his attic and indulge his passion for enjoying major sporting events in the company of his friends and family. His wife and young son also wanted to be able to use the room for movies and watching kid’s TV shows all accessible from a simple touch screen remote control. It was important that the cinema was ready for 3D content particularly to enhance the client’s enjoyment of his favourite sporting events; football and golf is now regularly broadcast on the Sky 3D channel. A bar area was introduced to the rear of the cinema to allow a more informal gathering of friends particularly when watching sports.

Attic Room Design

An initial consultation made it clear that while incorporating a cinema into the room would be difficult, it would be an enjoyable challenge for our design and engineering team. Complexities in installing a home cinema in an unused attic required three dimensional survey of the room. The survey would ensure precise design of the room to incorporate the required components without compromising the system performance.  The client was able to give his approval to the design scheme once he had been given a ‘walk-through’ of the 3D design.

Overcoming the challenges of working in such an irregular and confined environment required some serious thought about how best to plan the system, the room’s peculiarities could not be allowed to adversely affect either the interior design or the audio visual performance.

Advanced Entertainment

Denon Blu-ray player was used to provide access to high definition and 3D content, the client’s DVD collection was stored on a Kaleidescape Home Cinema system supplied with a children’s remote to allow his young son to access his collection of kid’s films. The system automatically recognises the child remote and filters the available content based on the rating.

The subtle, indirect lighting features were built into the room and combined with more traditional recessed spot lights to provide pre-programmed scenes of lighting which could be operated by the Crestron touch screen controller and also synchronised with the single button operations such as ‘Movie Time’ and ‘Intermission’, again to make the system as straight-forward for his family to use.

Probably the most significant and exciting part of this attic conversion home cinema is the projector system. An anamorphic lens embedded on the projector upgrades the image dimensions from 16:9 to 21:9. Considering that 21:9 format is widely used in modern movie complexes, this upgrade transforms the viewing experience into a more cinema-like quality. A 100″ cinema screen by Screen research interprets the best format for each media and adapts the screen size automatically.

The acoustically transparent cinema screen allowed us to hide three way Bowers & Wilkins speakers behind the screen to provide powerful and accurate audio. Bowers & Wilkins speakers and subwoofers strategically places around the room provides the powerful low frequency audio to create just the right atmosphere. A nice touch was the addition of a speaker and wall mounted volume control in the cinema’s ensuite bathroom ensuring that the client did not entirely miss out on the action whilst otherwise indisposed!

Simple Control System

Regardless of the complexity of the system, the design team at Finite Solutions firmly believe that unless the interface is simple and convenient to use the client will not get the most from their system. For this attic conversion, we installed a Crestron control system with a 5.7″ touch screen dedicated to controlling the entertainment in the room. Through a single interface, Crestron system allows management of content sources, audio and lighting.

Client Verdict

The client was absolutely thrilled with the finished result and has already commissioned Finite Solutions to draw-up plans to automate the rest of his property. When not watching TV or movies the client spends much of his time in the room socialising and making use of the bar area. We have already had several enquires from the client’s friends about bespoke home cinemas of their own.

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