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The Royal Abode Smart Home in London

Finalist at the CEDIA ’16 Awards in ‘Best Integrated Home under £100K’ category.

“This stunning penthouse in West London features a smart home system that integrates entertainment, lighting and security together.”

Project Location: London
Project Cost: £70,000
Categories: Smart Home

Our client had recently taken possession of a stunning brand new penthouse in a prestigious new West London development. Even though the new property had been finished by the developers our client wanted to put his own mark on the property and get the features and finishes just right for his taste and lifestyle. A big part of this for him was TVs and music systems. After researching several firms,he contacted us and we met with him to understand his brief in detail.

Our client wanted TVs and music in all the key rooms of the property and wanted Spotify, Apple TV and Sky HD to be easily available in each also. The client was also interested in changing his lighting in the property to something more suitable for him and also needed curtains and blinds on the penthouse’s many floor to ceiling glass windows and doors.

We explained the benefits of having a centralised system with both audio and video distribution. We also explained that deploying this type of system would mean all of the hardware could be hidden away in an equipment rack to keep rooms clear of local equipment. This would make sense to control the system, and potentially other aspects of automation in the home, with one global automation control system.

Home Automation Solution

We designed and built a system capable of sharing Sky HD, Apple TV, PC Media Streamer and Blu­ray & DVD across all 4 TVs with audio for all of these video sources available from the speakers or the TV’s integrated speakers in each room. The client was a huge fan of streaming music from his Apple devices. Therefore the Control4 system’s ‘Shairbridge’ technology was the ideal option for this. The client can easily stream music from Spotify from his iPhone to any of the key rooms in the property and can also join some or all of the rooms together to form a multi­room audio system, when entertaining guests for example.

The system is all built around an entirely new wiring infrastructure and backed up with an enterprise level data network and WiFi solution to ensure all streamed media and the client’s conventional IT needs are well catered for. Lighting in the property is now perfectly suited to the client’s layout of furniture, art and room uses. The Lutron control, of both the lighting and the blinds and curtains, means the client can easily select the desired amount of lighting, both natural and artificial, for a given time of day or activity around the house. Many different scenes of lighting are pre­programmed for the rooms in property and these scenes are accessible from the both the Lutron keypads and the Control4 interfaces.

In one of the bedrooms the client was very keen to have the wall mounted TV be available to watch in 2 different positions. One was on an angle in the corner and the other was in the middle of the window directly at the foot of the bed. To achieve this we acquired a high quality custom made double arm wall bracket to allow the client to easily move the TV to his preferred position. As the physical bracket would be visible when the TV was in the window position we had this painted to blend in with the surrounding décor.

Unique Smart Home Features

As our client wasn’t hugely technically minded, and had never had a system like this before, so we worked hard to help the client understand what was possible and that our style of integrated system would really deliver everything he wanted and more. The house was also in a finished state when the client approached us and we were able to very carefully retrofit this system with all of it’s new infrastructure wiring into the property with virtually no damage, a huge achievement in itself.

All of the cabling for the AV and automation is new and all of the conventional lighting wiring has been reconfigured to allow for Lutron control and many new light fittings were added in, again this was all achieved and integrated with virtually no damage to the walls or ceilings. This project represents what a well­conceived solution, delivering all the conceptual requirements the client had in mind and more, can offer clients to simplify their life at home and offer great features and quality.

Client Verdict

Our client is thrilled with the finished article. He has said, ‘I am delighted with it, it is excellent and is everything I wanted’. ‘I still don’t really understand how it all works in the background, though that doesn’t matter because it does everything I want and is really easy to use and convenient’.

The client is very impressed with the excellent audio quality throughout the house by especially the audio produced by the custom sound bar and Velodyne subwoofer in the lounge with the 85″ TV. He said, ‘the sound quality is excellent, I was worried the 85″ TV would be too big but is compliments the scale of the lounge perfectly.’

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