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Mews House Smart Lighting in London

“The system does not compromise on quality or functionality, it can be expanded and upgraded in the future and it compliments the beautiful interior design of the property.”

Project Location: London
Project Cost: £60,000
Categories: Lighting Control & Multiroom

The Brief

The aesthetic impact of the AV system was crucial to our client. The new interior design would create a clean, minimal and elegant feel to the property and our technology had to work seamlessly with this style of finish. A high quality yet discreet system was what was required.

Our client tasked us to integrate several technologies into the property as part of the renovation.  The property was to have an integrated music system, distributed TV system, smart lighting control and a fast and reliable data network. Our client also wanted us to ‘futureproof’ the property as far as possible so prospective buyers could purchase the property with the knowledge that it had been prewired to accommodate expansion and addition of new technologies in the future.


We created a central equipment hub in a storage cupboard where all the data infrastructure and lighting control could be housed. From our detailed designs and drawings all of the cable infrastructure was installed and we included several extra cables to allow other technologies and products to be added in the future.


To deliver the level of control and functionality our client desired we installed a Lutron lighting system.
Synonymous with quality and reliability this was the ideal system to integrate in the property.
This gave the client the ability to control all the lighting in the home with the wall keypads, his iPad and even remotely over the internet from anywhere in the world. We could pre-program different ‘scenes’ of lighting for different times, tasks and occasions tailored to our clients needs.

The addition of an ‘all off’ button at the main door made it easy to ensure every light in the property had been turned off without having to return to switch off individual lights. For added security the system will learn your normal lighting habits and, if you desire, it will mimic them while your are away from the property, leaving the impression that the house is occupied as normal. The living room has a floor to ceiling window and we included an automated blind here to give additional control of the light level in the room and privacy when desired.

Music System

Sonos was chosen as the best option for the audio system because of it’s quality, functionality, reliability and ease of use. As Sonos provides easy connection to iTunes, Spotify, internet radio and more it was the ideal choice for this development. This was installed with discreet flush mounted in ceiling speakers from Bower & Wilkins giving both amazing performance and the added benefit that the system has virtually no aesthetic impact on the rooms.

Television and Audio Distribution

We installed 5 HD TVs in the house, 4 wall mounted and one stand mounted in the kitchen/dining area. The main living room TV was 3D capable and was installed with surround sound speakers, again these were high quality models from Bowers & Wilkins. The overall finish of the system in the main living room worked very well. The super thin Samsung LED TV with it’s small bezel was countersunk into the media wall and all the speakers were hidden in the ceiling creating a really clean and attractive finish.

Our client wanted all the TVs to have freeview and have the ability to watch and control a single Sky HD box.
Our cable infrastructure provided for this and meant the Sky box and Bluray player could be watched and easily controlled from any TV in the house.

Again, provision for extra connections was included allowing more source components to be added in the future should the buyer of the property wish to connect say an Apple TV or games console for example.

End Result

We remained faithful to our client’s brief throughout this project and the resulting solution we have integrated for them is exactly what they desired both technically and aesthetically. The system does not compromise on quality or functionality, it can be expanded and upgraded in the future and it compliments the beautiful interior design of the property.

Our client is thrilled with the result and is very happy with the value it has added to this development project.

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