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Media Wall Cinema in Fulham, London

“...we wanted to offer a touchscreen remote so that "one button press" literally did mean that you only had to press one button!”

Project Location: Fulham, London
Project Cost: £15,000
Categories: Bespoke Home Cinema


When we were initially presented with this project, the room was already completely finished. The brief from the client was to deliver an area where the family could enjoy movies, without impacting the clean minimalist style of the room. Due to the client regularly having friends or family to stay the room needed to be operable without any prior knowledge of the system from a touchscreen remote. It would also have to link in with the multi-room music system being implemented by Finite Solutions in the rest of the house. To achieve all of these goals would require many third party trades to be managed & co-ordinated, something which the client and all of the previous companies he had spoken with were not keen to undertake; Finite Solutions accepted this task, taking on the full responsibility of the project to ensure everything went smoothly.


With this brief firmly in mind when going through the design process we created 3D drawings to present ideas of how the finished room could look, before the project began. This was a great visual aid as it set out a clear vision of what all parties could expect from the finished result, these drawings were used throughout the process, evolving as the project progressed.


The chosen design featured a floating media wall. The reasons for this were so that integrated products could be used. By recessing the TV & speakers into the front wall this allowed them to be fitted flush so that the clean lines of the room were not broken.


This setup was the perfect application for B&W’s three-way, in-wall speakers, the LCR 7. To blend the speakers into the wall, identrical paint finish was used on the outer bezel. The amplification comes courtesy of a powerful Denon AV receiver which is neatly concealed with the remaining AV equipment in low-level furniture.


One of the main requirements from the client was for simple, intuitive control of the room. With this in mind we wanted to offer a touchscreen remote so that “one button press” literally did mean that you only had to press one button! Therefore a URC MX5000i remote was implemented to replace all of the remote clutter usually associated with a surround sound setup. Feedback from the client is that “The new system is great” and they love the fact the remote works even when the cabinetry doors are closed.

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