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Media Wall Cinema in Chelsea, London

“The lights will dim, the blinds will lower and the projection screen will lower into place before your film commences.”

Project Location: Chelsea, London
Project Cost: £25,000
Categories: Bespoke Home Cinema

The Brief

When Finite Solutions were presented with this project the room was already completely finished and the clients had moved into the property.  The brief was to create an area where the client and their family could enjoy movies, without impacting the rooms newly decorated, clean style.  The system needed to be easy to use from a touchscreen remote with all AV equipment neatly stowed away out of sight.


Detailed drawings of how the finished room could look were developed and presented to the client, before the project started.  This was beneficial for both Finite Solutions and the client as it helped give a clearer understanding of what could be expected as the project evolved.  The drawings were updated and amended as required throughout the project.

Media Wall

It was decided that for minimal impact on the rooms overall look the best approach would be to build out a media wall to allow flush-mounting of the 55” LED TV and three front in-wall loudspeakers.


The surround sound set-up  was perfect for the use of B&W’s three-way LCR7 in-wall speakers.  The speakers have minimal impact when installed as well as paintable outer bezels to the grilles that can be painted to match the wall colour.  The room amplification is through a Denon AV receiver, which is completely hidden away in storage space to the side of the room reducing visual impact of AV equipment in the room.


The  system is controlled by a Philips TSU9600 Pronto hand held touchscreen.  This remote allows for intuitive and simple control.  It controls not only the TV and the drop down projection system but also the window blinds.  The ‘one button’ press means upon entering the room and getting comfortable you need only press one button to set the room up ready for a movie. The lights will dim, the blinds will lower and the projection screen will lower into place before your film commences.

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